About Facial Filler Procedure

There are four types of procedures pertaining to facial fillers namely, nose filler, cheek filler, lips augmentation and tear trough correction. Shens Clinic uses injectable fillers containing Hyaluronic acid that can also be found naturally in the human body.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar found in the body that combines with the water in the body to restore lost fullness, iron out lines and wrinkles and subtly enhance lips. The smooth formulation of the facial filler hides the “work done” and instead gives the natural look and feel to your face.

Before every procedure, a numbing agent is injected on the targeted area for non-existent or minimal pain during fillers injection. All procedures are non-surgical and results are immediately noticeable.

Three steps to filler procedure:

The cosmetic doctor will prepare the target to inject the fillers in with a numbing agent. These targets are either depending on the intended procedure.

Injecting the filler into the targeted spot of filling.

Massaging the filler in order to mold it to the shape of the nose.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and it requires a few injections on the targeted area. There may be some needle marks and redness on the first day with occasional small bruise along injected area in the first week, but dissolves within days. Patients are able to continue with their laid out day activity right after the procedure.

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Flat and round noses are usually considered as unpretty in the beauty and aesthetics view. The nose filler procedure (non-surgical) gives taller nose bridge and sharper nose tip. Result of nose filler is noticeable immediately without the pain of going under the knife. Nose fillers cost in Singapore is at least six times lesser than Rhinoplasty (surgical nose job).

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After the age of 30, the face naturally loses approximately one teaspoonful of volume. The cheek filler procedure (non-surgical) restores back the volume loss in the cheek to give a youthful look. It targets the malar area of the cheeks and also the sunken undereyes and asolabial folds due to excess lax skin. Only 2 – 3 injections needed for this procedure as the cheeks are only small areas on the face.

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Thick plump lips are achievable with approximately 4 – 5 injections to the lip. In this procedure, the upper lip is intended to achieve the bow like shape of and the lower lip is intended to have fullness from the left to right of the midline. A minimal amount of pain is expected for lip augmentation as compared to the other face fillers procedures due to the gentleness of the lips. However, the pain only last as long as the injection.

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Tear trough, often caused by the sinking skin under the eyes, extends from the inner corner of they eye, making a semicircular arc. It often creates eyebags and shadows, which is perceived as a dark circle below the eye. With this, there is a division between the lower eyelid and cheek that made it look like you’re tired or old.