An Overview of Asian Eyelid Surgery

Welcome to this piece which gives an interesting overview of Asian eyelid surgery. Singapore and other countries in the region now perform double eyelid surgeries and Asian eye lift treatments as routine cosmetic procedures. The eyes are an important, if not the most important feature of a person's appearance. This goes for both men and women, but women in particular. Seriously, even a subtle change in the size and shape of a woman's eyes can transform her entire image. Beautiful eyes can make an otherwise plain face look gorgeous. Likewise, an otherwise beautiful face can be let-down by eyes that are lacking aesthetically.

Reasons Asians Opt for Eye-lid Surgery

Asian women decide to have surgery on their eyes for the exact same reasons as their western counterparts. This has as much to do with psychological wellbeing as physical appearance.

Main reasons for eyelid operations include:

  • To feel better about oneself
  • Eyes that conform to the norms of aesthetics and balance
  • Improved confidence
  • To create a more youthful look
  • Medical reasons

A Desire to Look Western


Contrary to what you might have read, Asi Asian eyelid surgeryan women do not have surgery on their eyes so that they can look more western. They simply want to improve on what they already have, while maintaining their Asian features. A lot of Asians are born without an upper eyelid crease. And those who do have the crease, it's not the same as you would see on the eyes of Caucasians. The Asian creases have different shapes, heights and depths. The majority of Asians without eyelid creases would prefer to have them given the chance. This is why so many nowadays opt for the Asian blepharoplasty, the technical term for double-eyelid surgery.

The Eyes Talk

Although the surgery is relatively new, the desire for eyelids goes back for generations. Asians who don't have eyelid creases believe they help to create a more precise and powerful expression of human emotion. They're right too.

Most people prefer dogs to cats. This is because our canine companions are able to express themselves through their eyes and facial expressions. Cats cannot do this. Feline eyes may be big and beautiful but there's not a lot of countenance going on. They don't have the facial muscles for this to start with, and nor do they have eyebrows. Dogs, on the other hand, can stare, glare, raise an eyebrow and show all kinds of emotions through their eyes, much like a human. The expression of a cat is pretty fixed. So it's understandable why Asians want to enhance their eyes so that they too can become more expressive. The eyes really do talk.

About the Surgery

double eyelid surgery

What this surgery does is creates bigger looking eyelid openings. Not only is this in itself a more attractive feature, but it also makes it a lot easier for you to apply your makeup. The end result of this surgery is that you have eyes that are more harmonious because they blend in better with your other facial features.

A Personal Choice

Although I now live in the USA, I decided to travel to Asia to have my Asian eyelid surgery. Singapore was my chosen destination. My reasons were because the doctors there are highly qualified. Being Asians living in Asia, they also understand the Asian face and patient's expectations. I could have flown to South Korea, where a lot of this trend started, but Singapore suited me better. I liked the idea that many of the Asian surgeons, in the country had their training in the United States. I also knew that they all spoke impeccable English so there was no risk of miscommunication. My personal experience could not have been better from start to finish. The outcome was exactly how I had hoped too, subtle yet at the same time powerful.

Any kind of cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision. The motives can vary between individuals too. Most eyelid enhancements are simple procedures when performed with a skilled pair of hands. They are still a permanent change to one's appearance though. This is why you have to take your time before deciding. For people of Asian origin, the double eyelid surgery is now the most popular cosmetic operation of them all. This accounts for Asians living in the Orient and elsewhere in the world.

Do I Qualify for Eye-lid Surgery

Any Asian woman who wants to enhance the appearance of her eyes qualifies for eyelid enhancements, in theory at least. However, there are some points to consider. A qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon will go over all the options with you at the consolation. The most important thing for any Asian woman to realize is that there may be limitations. For example, if you're someone of middle age or older, you can't expect to walk out of surgery with the eyes of a 20-something. Yes your eyes will be more youthful and enhanced, but it's vital that you have realistic expectations.

before and after photo eyelid surgery

Your surgeon will also discuss with you whether it's better to proceed with a non-incisional or an incisional procedure. If, for whatever reason(s) you don't qualify for eyelid surgery, the surgeon will explain why at the meeting.

Things to consider will include some of the following:

  • Skin quality and overall thickness
  • The fat volume beneath the skin
  • Healing from procedures of the past
  • The unique anatomy that surrounds the eyes
  • Age and gender

Why Asian Doctors

Like I mentioned earlier, I went to Singapore in South East Asia for my surgery. I could have had it done in the US as there is no shortage of surgeons willing to take your money. But I have seen too many unsatisfactory results in other Asian women who had their eyes done here. There are not usually any complications with the actual surgery, that's not the issue. The problem is with the surgeon's ignorance on the importance of maintaining that all-important Asian look.

There is a distinct difference between Asian facial features and those of westerners. Can you guess what can happen when a Caucasian surgeon, or even one of Asian descent who was born and raised in the US, performs eyelid surgery on Asians? They tend to “Americanize” or “Europeanize” the patient's eyelids. Most of us don't want that because it looks very unnatural. The Occidental eyelid is not the same as that of Asians, so please be forever mindful of this when choosing your surgeon.