Arm Liposuction Singapore - Cost, Recovery, Types, Scars, Is it Worth It?

Losing weight is hard enough but losing some of your fat is even harder. Especially in stubborn areas such as the arms. Even if you go to the gym and have gained some muscle, it’s still hard to get rid of the fat around the arms. And unfortunately, it’s one of those areas of the body that we tend to feel most conscious about, especially when we wear a dress or a shirt exposing the arms.

There are many procedures aimed directly at reducing or even removing fat and body contouring. Some of them are non-invasive cosmetic procedures while others are plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction. Liposuction is still one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Singapore and the world. It’s so popular because it’s safe and it can be done on virtually all areas of the body – including the arms.

This article will be all about arm liposuction in Singapore – what can you expect, what options you have, what are the costs, and much more. If you're interested in reading what we think on the topic if liposuction is worth it, you can read this article.

What is arm liposuction? What happens during an arm liposuction procedure?

The arm can lose shape for many reasons including ageing or weight gain/loss. It’s notoriously difficult to lose arm fat so liposuction often becomes the most suitable way to get rid of it.

The arm liposuction is no different than liposuction in other areas of the body. It is a cosmetic surgery aimed at removing excess fat deposits from the body. During the surgery, your surgeon will most likely use a local anaesthetic to make sure you’re comfortable and pain-free. You will be awake during the whole process but you won’t feel anything in the treatment area. The whole surgery may take up to 2 hours. Also, as the arms are relatively small areas to work on, the recovery period is quick and easy.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make two small incisions on the arms to perform the fat removal. The surgeon will insert a small tube into the incisions and will continue with the liposuction. The fat is then suctioned through the tube.

How much does an arm liposuction cost in Singapore?

The price of arm liposuction in Singapore is around $1,500. The total cost for the treatment will vary depending on several important factors. The final price depends on the size of the liposuction area. For an arm lipo procedure, the cost will be less expensive than liposuction on bigger areas such as the hips or the abdomen. Furthermore, the price for the liposuction procedure also depends on the type of liposuction technique used during the procedure. For example, for ultrasound-assisted liposuction, the final fee will be slightly higher than tumescent liposuction.

Another important factor to the final cost for arm liposuction is the experience of your surgeon – the more experience and clients, the higher the cost. Of course, we always recommend that you seek a very experienced surgeon so you avoid complications during and after your surgery.

The price will also depend on other factors such as medication prescriptions, anesthesiologist’s fee, operation facility’s fee, compression garments, and any additional lab tests you might need before or after the surgery.

What is the difference between arm lift surgery and arm liposuction?

The main difference in the arm lift surgery and liposuction is the technique used during them. The main goal of an arm lift surgery is to remove excess loose skin caused by weight loss, for example. The arm liposuction’s main goal is to remove excess fat. If the patient needs it, an arm lift can be performed alongside the liposuction. The arm lift will ensure the loose skin is tighter and the arms look more toned.

Who are good candidates for arm liposuction?

Closeup of an arm of a man

While the arm fat removal procedure is a safe method for body contouring, it’s not recommended to everyone. Candidates who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t get arm liposuction done. The treatment is also not recommended to patients with health conditions that slow down the recovery process such as diabetes or skin infections. Furthermore, the procedure is not recommended for patients who smoke.

The surgery is recommended to patients who are in a healthy weight but struggle to lose some of the fat. The patient should also have elastic skin as well. This will ensure the proper healing after the surgery. The surgeon must explain all the possible results from arm liposuction so that the patients have realistic expectations. This procedure is not a tool to lose weight and shouldn’t be treated like one.

How do you prepare for arm liposuction?

To ensure that the procedure goes well, your doctor will give you advice on how to prepare. Before your plastic surgery, your doctor will examine you and determine whether your skin is in good condition for the procedure, and do some lab tests if necessary. Your skin should be elastic enough so that you heal properly. It’s important that in the week before the liposuction, you stop taking any medicine or a supplement that may cause bleeding. Talk to your doctor and tell them all the medicine you’re taking currently (including herbal supplements, vitamins, and non-prescription pills). Another important step is to stop smoking for at least 10 days before the surgery. Smoking halts the recovery process and may cause complications.

What happens after arm liposuction?

Liposuction is an outpatient plastic surgery which means you won’t have to stay at the hospital overnight. After you’re done, you can go straight home and relax. Most of the time, the healing process will start in a day or two. Usually, patients need around 7 days to 2 weeks to go back to work or their daily lifestyle.

To ensure you heal properly your doctor will recommend the following:

  • Wear a tight corset to keep your skin in place
  • Clean the arm area properly to prevent infections
  • Avoid showering for 3 days after the procedure. After that, ask your surgeon for an opinion.
  • Avoid sunlight. This will speed the recovery process.
  • Avoid intensive exercise.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Take the medicine prescribed by your doctor. Usually, after an invasive procedure, your doctor will prescribe some antibiotics to prevent an infection.

Results from arm liposuction

Are the results from arm liposuction permanent?

While the results from the procedure are permanent and the fat won’t return, it’s still important to maintain your weight by eating a balanced diet and exercise. Sometimes, if the patients gain a lot of weight, some of the fat can resurge again. That's why a healthy, balanced diet is important. It’s also normal that this area changes with ageing too.

Are there any scars after arm liposuction?

The incisions made during the surgery are very small – only 0.5cm. So you don’t have to worry about scars at all.

How long does it take to recover from arm liposuction?

Recovery is an individual process depending on each patient’s metabolism and body. Usually, it takes around two weeks to recover fully from the surgery. During this time you might experience some pain and mild bruising but it will go away on its own. If you feel uncomfortable because of the pain, your surgeon might prescribe you pain relief medication.

Are there any side effects and risks from arm liposuction?

It is a very safe procedure but it’s not without any risk. Some of the side effects you might experience include:

  • Allergic reaction to the anaesthetic
  • Surface irregularities and dissatisfactory results
  • Infection or Bleeding
  • Nerve damage

A lot of these side effects are preventable if you go to an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. We suggest to always take your time to research the aesthetic clinics and plastic surgeons you go to so you can avoid unwanted complications.

Can I get additional liposuction during an armed procedure?

A lot of the time, you can get surgery in a different area. During arm liposuction, a lot of patients want to address their “bra roll” area as well. Your surgeon can remove the fat from the bra roll area and ensure you have long-lasting results.

Which is better treatment for loose skin on upper arms, Smart Lipo or Thermage?

It all depends on your personal goals for your arms. As we mentioned previously, the liposuction is a method to remove unwanted fat from your arms or other areas of the body. To decide what cosmetic treatment will benefit you most, we first have to see what they are all about. The Smart Lipo is a method involving a laser to provide heat to the fat cells and liquefy them. It’s one of the most effective liposuction methods out there.

Thermage, on the other hand, a non-invasive non-surgical treatment face and body procedure. It can tighten and lift the skin by promoting collagen formation within the skin. That’s why for loose arms, it may be beneficial to get this method. And if you happen to have excess fat, you can get a combination of both procedures.