Before and After

The first thing that is very obvious when you look someone in the face, is the nose, especially if it’s flat and round, just because it’s located right in the middle of the face. Hence, many would’ve had some insecurity about the way their noses are shaped.

Fortunately, with the non-invasive procedure of filler injection, the painful process of a nose augmentation surgery can be avoided by using the method of injectable nose filler.

The less than 20 minutes injection procedure of nose filler, helps to give a sharper and taller nose bridge and tip. It does not remove the shape of the original nose, but it enhances it. Hence, as the body breaks down the fillers for the nose, it will not look worse than it used to be, rather simply goes back to its original state. This is where topping up of the fillers would come in handy, although, patients has the choice of not to do so.

Hence, nose filler can also be referred to as a temporary instant nose job. Much like what 1st Runner Up of Mrs Singapore World 2016 describes it in her. She seems to be very happy with her results, thus far! Have a look at it.