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Umbilicoplasty might not be the most talked-about cosmetic procedure. Despite this, there are plenty of people who seek solutions for belly button repair, or umbilicoplasty. Singapore gets a lot of business from young moms looking for a surgical solution to fix this problem. Sometimes a person can be born with a deformed and unsightly belly button. The usual requests though come from women who have given birth. Pregnancy can change both the size and shape of the female tummy button, quite dramatically sometimes. If you're a mom you will know exactly what I'm referring to here.

Reshaping the Navel

The navel area is of particular importance to women. It's the dream of most to have a tummy area that is as tight a as a snare drum, but motherhood often puts a stop to that. Most young women are realistic about their bodies post-birth. Although no one will return to their pre-baby state, many can get pretty close to it. In some cases, special exercises can help, but physical training doesn't work for everyone. And in the case of a deformed bellybutton, the only way to change that is via surgery. The good news is that cosmetic surgeons have come up with a special procedure for beautifying the stomach button. They call this an umbilicoplasty. Here's the procedure in brief:

  • Surgeon turns an “outie” (button that sticks out) into an "innie" (button inside a hole)
  • Surgeon makes an “innie” less obvious by reducing the size of the actual button hole

Although some women just want the umbilicoplasty, it's usually performed at the same time as a patient undergoes an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Why Does It Matter?

An unsightly bellybutton is not life-threatening. It's not even painful or uncomfortable, unless there's something unusual going on. So the question is this: why bother with surgery to correct something as insignificant as a navel? The answer to that is simple. A woman wants to look good, and her navel area is a big part of that. This is certainly the case with moms who enjoy wearing cropped tops and two piece bikinis. On a more intimate level, she wants to look as good as she possibly can for her partner after childbirth. This is a time when restoring intimacy can be challenging enough. No one wants disfigurements making this delicate time even tougher.

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The majority of younger women with nice navels like to show them off. However, they're not going to do that if there's a belly button that draws all the wrong kind of attention to the area.

Here are some of the main causes for wanting a reshaped tummy button:

  • Total absence of a belly button
  • Born with an imperfectly shaped navel
  • The result trauma or a flawed past surgical procedure
  • Small protruding hernia next to belly button
  • Elongated of totally flat navel (women consider round navels the most attractive)
  • A button that sticks out too far
  • A button that noticeably shifts to one side
  • Bellybutton that is hidden by folds of looser flesh or wrinkles (post-childbirth)

What kind of belly button repair you have depends on the severity and the root cause of the problem. There are two basic procedures:

  1. The umbilical hernia repair
  2. The standard stomach button Repair

The standard repair procedure is usually to fix bellybuttons that have become deformed due to pregnancy or sudden and extreme weight loss or weight gain.

The Operation

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Surgeons do not consider an umbilicoplasty a complicated operation. Most procedures are outpatient arrangements that take place in a special clinic or hospital setting. In the case of an umbilical hernia, you can expect the process to take longer than a more standard repair. The majority of "normal" bellybutton repair jobs are over and done with usually within an hour. What techniques the doctor uses will all depend on the procedure and patient expectations. When done by a qualified and experienced professional, there should not be any visible scarring. As long as the surgeon can cut the skin on the inside of the button they will do.


Immediately after the surgery, you may have to wear a light dressing, but that's about all. If you've only had the umbilicoplasty, there won't be any need for surgical drains. With this type of surgery the stitches used are often the dissolvable type. That's good news for you because it means you don't have to waist precious time with another appointment to have them taken out.

Recovery Time

woman recovery after tummy tuck

Under normal circumstances this is not a serious operation and downtime is minimal. If you've had a tummy tuck and liposuction as well as an umbilicoplasty, then that's a different situation. In the case of only an umbilicoplasty, you would normally get to leave the clinic or hospital a few hours after the procedure. You will need to take things easy for about one week, but should be able to return to light duties the day after the op. You shouldn't experience any pain, but you may have a bit of discomfort or irritation in the early days. The clinic will most likely give you some pain killers to take away with you just as a precaution.

You may experience a little light bruising and possible swelling. None of this should amount to much unless there was some heavy work done. If you notice or experience anything that doesn't look or feel right, contact your surgeon right away. It's always better to err on the side of caution in such cases. The clinic will have a clear post-op procedure for you to follow, so make sure you're aware of it before you leave.

The Costs of Umbilicoplasty

It's not possible to give even a rough cost for such an umbilicoplasty. Singapore prices, for example, will vary greatly from those in the US. It all depends where in the world you are. In the UK, private fees can vary anywhere from £800 to £1,500. There are so many factors to consider, not only the country. Every surgeon will have their own set of fees. There's also the amount of work (time) to consider, which will vary from case to case.

On its own, the umbilicoplasty is one of the lowest-risk of all the cosmetic procedures.

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