Best Body Contouring Treatments in Singapore

Are you on the lookout for the best body contouring treatment in Singapore? It’s a tough decision, isn’t it? Loads of procedures have hit the market recently, making your choice nothing short of impossible.

Let us ease you into the world of cosmetic body treatments. We’ve narrowed down your options to five so you can make up your mind faster and avoid the headaches. Read on to get their names that will fit your needs and speed up booking services at a local cosmetic clinic. If you don’t want all the details, skip to the bottom for a comparison chart.

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Fat Freezing: Best Body Contouring Treatment in Singapore That Does Not Penetrate the Skin

Its medical term is cryolipolysis and it’s one of the most effective non-knife body contouring methods. Quite popular in Singapore, it permanently eliminates stubborn fat cells from chosen areas in the body through a controlled cooling technology that is cleared with FDA.

The best part is, fat freezing is non-invasive. There is no nipping or cutting. Instead, the skin is covered with an applicator that reduces the temperature of the desired section to a good -9 C degrees. This is cold enough to kill fat cells. In fact, they crystallise and are pushed out of the body through its metabolism in the following few weeks.

And here is the thing, the surrounding fat tissue is left intact. This not only facilitates healing but also guarantees better results. In the end, the body can lose about 25-30% fat contents from the treatment site depending on the equipment used.

Clinics have different fat freeze machines where the effects vary slightly, as some devices are more advanced than others (more on different types of machines here). The duration of the procedure is influenced by the number of cooling pads available. With dual applicators, more tissue can be covered at once.

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, could be combined with a session of shockwave therapy to enhance the result. The latter technology can also achieve a skin tightening effect because it makes the body kick off collagen production (hence it also works on the face). You can find each of these in your preferred cosmetic clinic. There is a range of medical establishments to choose from in Singapore.

One thing it does not work on, though, is cellulite.

What areas does it treat?

Freezing fat cells has a large coverage regardless of body type. Basically, it works on various parts such as belly fat, love handles, knees, thighs, back and bra fat, arms, banana rolls (fat cells beneath buttocks), and double chin.

Who does it work on best?

The body contouring treatment is effective on a person with extra fats in certain areas that are not affected by exercise or diet. They need to have enough fat contents to be grabbed but at the same time they should not be too thick. Ideally, the procedure is great for individuals who are up to 15 kilograms above their perfect weight. Anything extending beyond this number will result in poor outcomes.

Does this body sculpting treatment hurt?

Aside from the first few minutes it takes to get used to the strange feeling of being tied to a cooling system, you will not be bothered by the procedure. It is possible to feel intense cold and pressure at first but soon enough it will vanish as the site becomes numb.

You will find this procedure so comfortable that you may even fall asleep. Some people choose to read or spend time on their phones until the treatment is over. It is that pain-free.

Disclaimer: Pain thresholds vary and so do cryolipolysis machines. Some are more innovative and cause less sensitivity or discomfort while others may give you a hard time.

Recovery following the treatments

With this treatment, you can hop back into your normal routine as quickly as you walk out of the surgeon’s office. There is no downtime or recovery. Despite some mild discomfort right after the procedure, you will feel fine and ready to move on with your day.

When do the results show and are they long-term?

The effects take time to materialise. As the fat cells break down under the pressure and cold from the machine, they are not eliminated from the body at once. Give it about six weeks to get it going. When these cells die, they can no longer appear again, which makes the procedure an almost permanent solution.

However, you will still have existing fats to worry about. Unless you watch your diet and maintain good physical activity, the rest of the tissue can expand and ruin the outcome. No body treatments can save you from that.

Side effects

Patients may experience tingling, numbness, mild swelling, and redness in the treatment area. It only lasts for a couple of days.

Cost of fat freeze treatments

Fat freezing in Singapore comes with a price tag of $2,000.

Injectable Deoxycholic Acid for Double Chin Reduction

woman getting injection in chin for double chin treatment

This hard-to-pronounce substance is naturally present in the body and it has a role in the breakdown of stubborn fat cells for digestion. Using it directly on some areas, it can literally melt localised fatty tissue. All it takes is a few injections in the right spots. So far the only FDA-cleared product is Kybella®.

Like all the other procedures you will see on this page, this one is carried out by a specialist. It is an in-office treatment. Before it begins, the operator has to select the injection site with care to provide the best outcome possible. They numb the site and administer as many shots as necessary. Two to three months later you have to go back to the clinic for a follow-up session.

Patients undergo at least two rounds but the body contouring treatment is said to be most optimal when four sessions are completed.

Please note that Kybella is different from other injectables that aim to improve the amount of collagen in the skin. It has no such purposes.

What areas does it treat?

The treatment is most effective on the chin. It helps to reduce submental fat cells under the chin to make it more pronounced and defined. It won’t work on belly fat tissues, love handles, buttocks, or bra fat.

Who does it work on best?

You will reap the full benefits of deoxycholic acid if you tend to stay within your ideal weight. If your weight fluctuates, it will be difficult to achieve whatsoever results with this treatment.

Another factor to count in is skin laxity. If you experience too much saggy skin, Kybella might not be good for you.

In most cases, the injectable is suitable for people who eat well but still cannot eliminate their double chin, and surgery is not an option for them.

Does this body sculpting treatment hurt?

That’s a tough one. Truth is that if you ask a bunch of people, you will hear a different story every time. Some will tell you they only felt a slight discomfort, while others will report burning and stinging after their skin is being pierced with the needle. It is very individual. All things considered, the discomfort doesn’t last long and is manageable.

Recovery following the treatments

There is almost no recovery. Literally, you walk out of the clinic and you get on with your tasks and habits. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Get advice from your doctor about aftercare.

When do the results show and are they long-term?

The body contouring injectable takes time to work. The first results may be observed within the next few weeks but the biggest difference is supposed to occur after six full months. Once that time is up, you should not expect any more changes in the overall structure of your chin. The good news is the effects are stable and not likely to decrease over time. That said, significant weight gain can hinder every treatment under the sun, so be careful.

Side effects

Given the fact that the skin is punctured with a needle, there are some temporary side effects to deal with but the good news is they resolve on their own. Patients typically exhibit numbness, mild swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection sites.

Price of the product in Singapore

In Singapore, the injectable costs some $1,200 -$1,800 per session.

Ultrasound Non-surgical Body Treatments for Fat Cells

woman having ultrasound fat removal treatment on buttocks

Another pain-free way to kick surplus fats out of your system is to opt for ultrasound technology. Here is how it works. A technician holds a device against your skin. It emits highly focused sonic waves into your skin that apply pressure onto the desired cells and break them down.

Similarly to the previous body treatments, this one does no harm on the adjacent tissue.

There are various brands offering ultrasound fat reduction and each machine has its perks and downsides. More often than not patients need one to three body treatments. Statistics have indicated that the treatment increases collagen synthesis in addition to burning fat cells. Thus, they offer skin tightening, among other things.

What areas does it treat?

Ultrasonic body sculpting is mostly beneficial for the flanks and tummy. It is not used on other parts for body sculpting.

Who does it work on best?

It is important that your skin and muscles are relatively tight. Loose skin may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Your BMI should read below 30 and it is best if you are close to your perfect weight. If you are not, you might want to think about weight loss first.

Does this body sculpting technology hurt?

Relax, ultrasound body treatments are non-invasive and therefore comfortable and safe. The energy does not affect the nearby tissues, nerves, or blood vessels and blood circulation. It only affects stubborn fat. You will not feel any pain during the procedure.

Recovery following the ultrasound treatments

Recovery is minimal. There is no downtime. You can proceed with your normal stuff after you exit the clinic.

When do the results show and are they long-term?

The effects of your body contouring manipulation will begin to show at around the sixth week’s mark. It will reach maximum peak on the twelfth week.

Side effects

The ultrasound technology seldom gives rise to problems or side effects. There are few reports about loose skin and light dimples in the affected areas.

Cost in Singapore

In Singapore, the procedure runs approximately $1,500 per treatment.

Liposuction Treatments

chin liposuction male patient

To this day, liposuction in Singapore remains one of the most wanted body contouring treatments despite its long recovery. It provides realistic outcomes and is capable of removing lots of fat cells in one round without the need for follow-up sessions. The procedure has been refined and the risks are now mitigated. As it is deliverable almost everywhere on the body, it achieves full body sculpturing.

But that doesn’t mean you should cover every area. With separate treatments like Vaser liposuction, chin liposuction and back liposuction, you can target the zones you dread the most.

It works like this. A surgeon makes small cuts in the desired region and inserts a cannula (a tiny tube) into each of these to provide a suction movement. This breaks fat cells apart and forces them out of the system immediately. All this is done under general or local anaesthesia.

Lipo does not treat cellulite. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. After you have some of your body fat removed, it may expose cellulite and make it more visible. Nor does it spark off collagen production.

What areas does this body contouring procedure treat?

Lipo is used for almost anywhere on the body such as abdomen, thighs, neck, calves, chin, love handles, ankles, muffin tops, upper arms, back, bra fat, and hips. It aids in the enhancement of the entire body shape and appearance.

Who does it work on best?

Lipo is perfect for people who are within their ideal weight or just a tad bit above that. They should have elastic skin so they can enjoy the outcome. There have to be enough localised fat cells for you to get enrolled.

Does this body sculpting treatment hurt?

It is not supposed to hurt once you are given sedation. But you may feel pressure as the cosmetic surgeon is cutting your skin and moving the tube back and forth. That of course, if you are awake during the entire time.

Recovery following the treatments

Now, recovery is something that varies with patients. It is affected by factors like medical history, overall health, and age. Different approaches will also change the timeframe. For instance smart lipo and tumescent lipo are more sparing than the traditional method.

The procedure does not require hospital stay in the majority of scenarios but may be necessary when vast bulges of body fat are drawn out in one go. After it’s over, you will be sore and not willing to do anything whatsoever.

You may have drains stuck to your skin to help with proper lymphatic drainage. This will keep fluid retention and other possible side effects at bay. You will have a compression garment wrapped around the treated area, which means you need to make sure it’s clean at all times.

The first week will be filled with more soreness and discomfort. If it becomes intolerable, use pain medication to halter it. Your movements will be restricted partially because of that so you won’t feel like doing sports or working out. But just in case this thought crosses your mind, it’s important to know that you should keep your physical activity low for the time being to aid healing. Rest, rest, and rest.

On the second week, you will notice major improvement in the way you feel and you may want to go back to work. As long as your job is not physically demanding, you can do so. You should still take care of your garment.

As you approach week three of your recovery, you will gradually shake off the discomfort. Keep in mind that swelling might persevere for months, so don’t be alarmed if you still experience it at this point. It is about time you began observing the outcome. Do wait at least a month before you resume any workouts.

When do the results show and are they long-term?

As you noticed from the above section, liposuction recovery is no walk in the park and it takes significant time to tackle it. It is only after the body recuperates that you can see actual results (the swelling will make it impossible to notice any body fat reduction in the chosen sections). This means you should expect to enjoy the outcome as soon as you enter 6 weeks post-op. Body sculpting will be obvious already.

Side effects

After the body treatment is finished, patients report swelling, bruising, and numbness, some of which can continue for weeks. Improper lymphatic drainage is also a concern. Refer to your doctor if it gets out of hand and you don’t know what’s going on.

Price in Singapore

In Singapore and all around the world, each body area is priced differently, some running $1,500 and others $2,800. Considering the fact that most surgeons perform liposuction on at least five parts per treatment, you can expect to be billed a minimum of $15,000 and hit the staggering $25,000.

Radio Frequency Energy: Another Non-surgical Alternative

woman undergoing radiofrequency fat treatment

Radiofrequency (RF) is used to reduce fatty tissue in a non-invasive fashion by introducing high energy and heat into the skin. With an added skin tightening and cellulite removal effect, it has a lot of potential in the cosmetic industry. It works by heating the outermost skin layers and spurring collagen production, which makes wrinkles less obvious.

As far as stubborn fat is concerned, the high temperature helps to damage the cells and the body’s metabolism does the rest. The procedure is known as radiofrequency lipolysis. There are plenty of products and brands including Exilis Elite, Thermage, and Vanquish.

The procedure takes around 30 minutes. Several sessions are needed. In most cases, they are spaced apart by a week or two. There is the traditional form and some advanced technologies such as Inch Vanquish and Exilis Elite.

What areas does it treat?

Radio frequency (RF) can be used all over the body but is more commonly employed on the stomach (abdomen). As compared to a tummy tuck, it is non-surgical and it has faster recovery times. The thighs are another area of interest because of the added anti-cellulite effects.

Who does the treatment work on best?

The radio frequency technology in Singapore is most successful on people with adequate skin quality. They should be around their ideal weight with good medical history.

Does this body sculpting treatment hurt?

No. The RF procedure is comfortable and pain-free. If it corresponds to your needs, feel free to get in touch with a range of clinics to ask for quotes. This will help you compare the costs and services at hand.

Recovery following the treatments

When the session is over, all you have to do is head out of the clinic knowing that you don’t need anything special. Since the fat loss procedure does not cause any trouble, you can go back to work or go home, the choice is yours.

When do the results show and are they long-term?

Many patients are happy to observe a lowering of 5 centimetres (2 inches) off their stomach area. This happens gradually over the course of a few weeks. Once the targeted body fat cells die, they are not replaced by new. However, adjacent cells might expand and take over due to massive weight gain. So, again, as with other body contouring treatments on this list, you should keep a good diet.

Side effects of the treatments

You should not experience any side effects other than some redness over the skin tissues.

Cost of the treatments in Singapore

In Singapore, Radiofrequency body sculpting will set you $1,700 per treatment.

Comparison Chart of Body Contouring Treatments in Singapore

Fat freeze / cryolipolysisInjectable Deoxycholic AcidUltrasoundLiposuctionRadiofrequency
MethodTemperature-based fat reduction, non-invasivePuncturing the skin, minimally-invasiveUltrasound waves, non-invasive, non-surgicalIncisional, vacuum and suction-based, surgicalNon-invasive, radio frequency energy
Duration40-60 minutes20 minutes40 minutes1-2 hours30 minutes
DowntimeNoneOne dayNonelight-headedness due to the anaesthesiaNone
Recoveryright awayA couple of daysMinimal6 weeksThere are no activity restrictions
Results6 weeks post-treatmentAfter 12 weeksAfter 6-12 weeksAfter 6 weeksAfter a few weeks
Treatment areasOuter thighs, banana rolls, arms, double chin, back bra strap, inner thighs, knees, belly fat, love handlesChinFlanks and belly fatChin and neck, buttocks, abdomen, back, hips and thighs, ankles, calves, upper arms, muffin topsWhole body, mostly abdomen
Pain factorSlight discomfort at the beginning, virtually no pain until the end of the procedureDiscomfort or mild pain (varies per individual pain tolerances)No painPatients are given anaesthesia to curb pain episodesNo pain at all
Side effectsNumbness, swelling, tingling, and rednessNumbness, swelling, bruising, and rednessDimples and loose skin (very rarely)Bruising, numbness, fluid accumulation, swellingMild redness

Whichever of these body treatments has piqued your interest, take the time to research the best services in Singapore. Look for surgeons and write down the names with the best expertise in the field.

Next, contact the clinic to make an appointment. They all offer a no-obligation consultation where you can acquire the information you need to keep your mind at ease. After a thorough exam, the doctors can recommend a fat loss treatment that suits your goals regardless of whether you are looking for fat reduction in one area or multiple regions.

Some of these body treatments work on the face as well. They offer collagen support, treat cellulite, improve overall appearance, and enhance the shape of your body regardless of your body type. There is something for everyone. If you find it hard to decide, a specialist will give you a helping hand.

Before we wrap up, we would like to remind you that none of these procedures cause weight loss. They will reduce the size of the treatment area but they will not change the numbers on the scales. Fatty tissue is lighter than muscle. You need to remove vast amounts of fats to affect your overall weight. Use each body treatment with the idea that it will help you sculpt your physique.