Botox Vs Fillers


Botulinum Toxin or commonly recognized as Botox relaxes facial muscle that causes lines and wrinkles temporarily. It is a protein that has been thoroughly purified which can also be used for treatment of other medical conditions such as excessive sweating.

Botox treatment involves injecting the product on certain points of the face, namely the forehead, corner of the eye near the ears and cheekbones. The effect of relaxing the muscles will usually help to crease out the wrinkle lines around these areas.

woman getting botox injection Sometimes, the doctor will inject the other areas on the face, rather than just one point of the face that has the lines. This is dependent on the overall look of the face, hence it is important for the doctor to be certifiably qualified to give a good and proper assessment of the situation, so that the money spent will be worth the job done.

Typically, the effects of Botox last around three to six months but it’ll all depend on the individual. When the effects of Botox are over, individuals has a choice to have it injected again or let it be and let the muscle slide down.


woman getting dermal filler injection above upper lipFillers are Hyaluronic Acid that can be found naturally in the body. Fillers, as the name suggests, fills up the lines and hollows that are caused by the depletion of collagen in the skin. In other words, fillers restores volume to the ageing face.

Fillers can be used to solve, saggy cheeks, crows feet lines, deep laugh lines and of course wrinkles. It can also be used to restore volume for voluptuous and supple lips.
Fillers can also come in a form of fat. This type of filler actually comes from the individuals’ own body and it requires a little bit of liposuction to extract the fats. This procedure is known as fat grafting, which is transferring of fats from certain parts of the body to the other parts of the body. It can be applied to the face to fill up the wrinkles, and it can also be injected into the breast for enlargement and the buttocks for a lift.

dermal filler injectionTemporary dermal fillers can last up to about two years for certain brands and fat grafting can actually last longer than two years or so.

So between Botox vs fillers, which treatment to choose for wrinkles solution? It depends on the individual and the severity of the situation. A properly certified aesthetic doctor will be able to give a really good assessment of the situation to help patients make a well-informed decision. Ultimately, the idea of youth restoration without having to go through painful and expensive surgeries is possible.