Can liposuction tighten my skin?

Can liposuction tighten my skin?

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As the word liposuction is self-explanatory, “lipo “ and “suction” means to suck fat out. We are now aware that there are numerous methods that can now remove fats permanently. Diet fads, non-invasive methods of fat freezing and fat dissolving injection treatments like mesotherapy have all been tried and while some of them achieve limited success in some individuals, the majority of them yield marginal results that patients claim do not give them the results that they expect.

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The question that a lot of doctors face out there is whether liposuction itself is able to adequately remove fat from an individual whilst preventing sagging skin that just hangs at the waist that will require further treatments again or some other surgery like a tummy tuck.

Whilst there have been advents made in technology, there is, in particular, one such machine that has achieved results that most others have only struggled to meet up to or that pale in comparison. We talk about the “Vaser” Machine. Vaser uses “vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance” to create heat to emulsify the fats. In trained hands, it can melt both the superficial and deep fats under the skin. While there may be doctors, particularly the inexperienced ones who lack the scientific technique or knowledge to use this machine, there are definitely the adept ones who utilize the technology to sculpt the human body to achieve a lasting result and a result that he or she can be proud of.


Most doctors that have harnessed the use of the machine will see a definite improvement in the clinical outcome of their patients.  Those who possess advanced knowledge and better skills are able to get even more out of this technology.


4d high definition vaser liposuction photo

Why do the results with Vaser liposuction look better than with traditional suction only devices?


Vaser is the only machine that can safely target and emulsify the superficial compartment fat without causing damage to the overlying skin. By melting the superficial fat, and sparing the fibrous attachments in between, the melted fat is sucked away and the fibrous attachments now pull the skin closer to each other resulting in the clinical evidence of skin tightening. It is now clear why the Vaser candidates get more value out of liposuction than other liposuction machines out there. It again explains why liposuction can now tighten skin provided you harness the right technology with the properly trained dr. This is the reason why some doctors talk about high definition techniques where they can tighten the skin to demonstrate specific grooves that improve the overall shape of the abdomen such as those seen in the likes of Victoria’s Secret models. The new techniques are sometimes also called by fancy names such as 4D liposuction or sports definition liposuction.