Chin Liposuction Singapore - Double Chin Reduction & Removal, Recovery

This post is going to address chin liposuction in Singapore. It turns out many people are looking to optimise their chin to create a finished and smooth look that extends beyond the eyes and nose. In fact, the lower third of the face can make or break your appearance. If it is saggy and lacking definition, it will keep eyes focused on it, instead of on your lovely upper features. No matter what type of cosmetic work you’ve done before, it will be overshadowed by a poorly-defined chin. So, if you are interested to learn more about liposuction in Singapore and specifically about chin liposuction and other less invasive methods of double chin reduction, check this out.

What is Chin Liposuction and How Does it Work?

Double chin liposuction in Singapore is a cosmetic procedure that aims to remove fat and contour the jaw. It entails sucking fats from various areas in the chin and neck. The tissue is not collected at random. There is a precision plan for that. The purpose is to target specific spots and to suction a given amount of fat so that the outcome is smooth, natural and aesthetic.

You may hear other terms for the treatment such as chin lipo, submental liposuction, or submentoplasty. It is done on individuals with sagging, loose skin, excess fat, or lack of a jawline.

Even though it’s an outpatient procedure that does not require an overnight stay at the hospital, it is performed in an operating theatre by a certified surgeon. The patient’s skin is prepped by applying an antiseptic solution on it to curb infection risk. Medications for sedation are administered into their system to keep them relaxed during the manipulation. At the doctor’s discretion, numbing medication might be used locally to provide the desired anaesthetic effects and keep pain to a minimum.

Before the suctioning method begins, the operator has to make tiny cuts into the skin in various places around the chin, and sometimes around the neck region (for neck contouring). The incisions have to be big enough to accommodate a suctioning tube that goes by the name cannula. It is the main tool employed to obtain excess fat. Basically, the surgeon has to run the cannula back and forth inside the opening to get the job done. When the desired amount of tissue is removed, the incisions are dressed with medical bandage.

chin liposuction male patient

The procedure can be paired with a chin implant to give the area a more defined look and better contours. The implant is fabricated from a synthetic material that imitates natural body tissue and feels tender to the touch. It can also be made of saline solution because it’s safer (it keeps infection from taking place in the body).

There is a variety of shapes and sizes, which allows for individual configuration of the item on the patient’s face, as well as custom fitting. The best part is that scarring is not visible because it’s located under the chin or behind the ears.

Double Chin Liposuction Singapore Price

The chin liposuction cost in Singapore is usually between $2,000 and $4,500, depending on many factors. First and foremost, every person has different needs. Some have to lose more fat than others. Some want to have an additional contouring procedure. Second, any medication, anaesthetic, and other drugs will have to be covered by the patient as well. Clinic consumables typically run around $500.

Next comes surgeon’s fees. Each aesthetic clinic has the right to put together its own pricelist. Some procedures require a meticulous treatment care plan, hence patients receive a special kit with products and medication to use for several days straight after the double chin manipulation is over. This will also add to the overall price.

If you would like to add neck-lift surgery to the package, this will cost you an extra $2,500-$3,500. As for chin implants, they are more likely to set you back some $1,500-$2,000.

How Long is the Chin Liposuction Recovery Time?

You will be fine the day after the procedure and might even be able to go back to work as long as the swelling and bruising don’t bother you (there will be some side effects but that’s totally normal). But if you feel like spending some time at home, you can take a few days off. For the most part, you will have recuperated after 72 hours following double chin reduction via liposuction. Seven days into recovery, all discomfort and swelling should have disappeared.

How Long after Double Chin Lipo do you see Results?

Woman touching chin of her friend after chin liposuction

You will definitely notice a difference in your chin immediately after the treatments, but the real results will unfold slowly over the course of several weeks. On the third month’s mark is when you will reach the full potential of the procedure. You should not forget that in order to sustain the beautiful effects, you have to follow a healthy diet.

Benefits of Chin Fat Removal via Liposuction

  • The treatment is quick and pain-free
  • It provides long-lasting, dramatic results
  • The effects are immediate and they get better over time
  • There is higher patient satisfaction as compared with other double chin reduction procedures and weight loss
  • It can be done alongside neck-lift surgery

Disadvantages of the Treatment

  • Double chin reduction via liposuction is not suitable for everyone, you need to meet minimum requirements like good medical history and adequate skin laxity
  • The procedure carries potential complications
  • You will be instructed to wear a special compression garment (chin strap) for 14 days post-treatment to limit fluid build-up and swelling
  • Since there is some downtime associated with the procedure, you will need to take a few days off of work
  • It is expensive
  • Weight gain can undo the results
  • You have to go to a certified aesthetic clinic to get the double chin procedure, i.e. you cannot do it at home

What Other Double Chin Removal Treatments are There?

If you want to get rid of double chin without the hassle of surgery and IV sedation, there are several options to try.

Weight loss and healthy diet for double chin contours reduction

It goes without saying that the best and least painful way to remove fat from your chin is to lose weight everywhere on the body. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will improve your overall health and decrease your risk of disease. Plus, it is completely non-invasive. Working out tightens muscle, whereas a quality diet helps to maintain a healthy weight. Both will make a huge difference, saving you a trip to the surgeon. Besides, it’s much easier on the wallet. You can say goodbye to double chins for as long as you keep up with the routine. Of course, future weight gain will bring you back to square one.

HIFU for double chin reduction

Now, as some individuals seek faster results, more space has opened up for cosmetic treatments that address different goals. One of them is high-intensity focused ultrasound, HIFU. Being minimally invasive and practically non-surgical, it is employed to improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

More often than not, it is used as a face treatment, as it provides rejuvenation effects. However, it has been proven that the procedure works well for the chin too and this is why you can see it on the list of treatments at various cosmetic clinics, right next to other procedures for double chins and skin tightening.

The way it works is by running a handheld device over the targeted area. It emits ultrasound energy, which hits the skin and raises the temperature to a certain point in which damaged cells begin to die. The main focus is the deep layers of skin whilst the outer layer remains intact, minimising the risk of damage. It offers skin tightening as well, positively affecting the cheeks, jowls, forehead, etc. However, it may not be able to tighten neck muscles.

Results are observed two or three months after the initial double chin reduction treatment. There is no downtime, so patients can proceed with their responsibilities and tasks right away. Side effects are minimal if they occur. No broken blood vessels, bruising, or redness are expected in the treated areas.

Fat freeze double chin Singapore

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is a medical term for a procedure more commonly known as CoolSculpting. It involves applying cold paddles to the targeted area. They reduce the temperature to a certain level, which ultimately kills fat cells and can eliminate double chins, among other things. By contrast, ultrasound energy offers a higher temperature. Later on, the body does the rest of the work by flushing out the waste from the treated areas.

Although it sounds a little scary to subject your skin to such a treatment, it has to be said that the procedure spares the skin and the adjacent tissue. It takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and a half to get it over with. During that time, the paddles cool the chin area and destroy some 25% of fats.

Again, the results are mostly visible several months later when the immune system has cleared all the waste from the treated areas. Just so you know, this procedure does not tighten the muscle.

Double chin removal: non-surgical injections (Kybella)

Looking for a non-invasive liposuction under chin? Well, this is an injectable that can reduce the size of the chin by melting fat tissues away. It is ideal for people who are not ready to go under the knife and those who eat well but see no change in their chin appearance.

The treatment is an FDA-cleared medication that can only be administered by qualified medical staff. Physician evaluation is required beforehand. It contains deoxycholic acid, which targets submental fat (fat below the chin). Apparently, this is a naturally occurring element in the body whose purpose is to deal with dietary fat. The great thing about it is that once it destroys tissue, no further treatments are necessary. However, keep in mind that Kybella treatment is banned in Singapore, so you'll have to consult a doctor for an alternative.

Thread lift for double chin

If the main cause of double chins is loose skin, you can use thread lifts to fix it. They are exactly what they sound. In other words, thin threads or sutures are inserted into the problem area. Once they are attached to the right places, they keep the skin tissues straightened out, eliminate any signs of wrinkles, and remove sagging. As you probably know, thread lifts are used on the face, especially the nose. They are available in cosmetic clinics. Keep in mind that they do not target submental fat. Therefore, if your goal is to melt deposits, you need to opt for other treatments.