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Dermal fillers, also called injectable wrinkle fillers are all the rage right now, and why wouldn’t they be. This clever technology can give you that more youthful look for a fraction of the cost of a more conventional facelift. There’s none of that lengthy pre-surgery consultation either. Nor do you have to endure any long and sometimes painful recovery periods. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a place for the traditional facelift, but for many of us fillers do a great job. Any good clinic nowadays should be able to offer you dermal fillers. Singapore is a great place for this and other types of cosmetic procedures. In fact, this tiny republic is fast becoming Asia’s leading destination for cosmetic surgery.

What About Botox

Botox also has its place and continues to work for a lot of folks. If you’ve been an advocate of Botox you might want to at least turn your attention to facial fillers and explore your options. See, Botox just relaxes the muscles under your wrinkles. Fillers work differently to that. Injectable facial fillers actually “fill” the creases or lines with one of several substances. When the procedure is carried out by an expert (important point folks), your trouble spots can magically disappear.

Fillers can act as your personal volumizer:

  • Plump up and lift cheeks
  • Smooth jawlines
  • Balance out temples
  • Fill out thin lips
  • Plump up the backs of sagging hands

You can clearly see the advantages of these fillers over Botox.

The Horror Stories

person holding his hands protecting his or her face

OK, you’ve probably heard the horror stories and have decided to stay away from facial fillers like the proverbial plague. There’s a reason for this bad reporting. People are more likely to rant when something goes wrong and not likely to write a full page article about what went right. In fact, after saying you’re delighted with the results, there’s not much else left to say. But a good gripe about what went wrong can run into many pages and cover many angles. It’s important to understand that the reason why some people have disastrous results is because of the following:

  1. Looked for the cheapest possible treatment
  2. Had the procedure done by someone who is not skilled or qualified

Even the manufacturers of dermal fillers say that treatments must be carried out by those who are medically trained. The problem is that are plenty of people doing this type of work who are not professionals. What’s even worse is that this is not even a legal requirement. That means you have every Tom, Dick and Harriet out there offering the service, usually at a heavy discount.

The Success Stories

beautiful woman resting her chin on her handsThere are many more success stories out there than disasters, of that I can assure you. It’s just that folks aren’t telling. Don’t forget too, this is often a subtle treatment and one that people don’t like to broadcast. We often like other’s to think we’re looking great for our age because of good genes, or that we take excellent care of ourselves. These things can also be true of course. But the point is that people often like to keep subtle cosmetic surgery under wraps.

You know what it’s like. Perhaps you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a good while. You might also comment on how fabulous they’re looking, and you mean it too. You may even wonder to yourself how they’ve managed to stay so youthful looking all these years. Well, they might have had Botox injections, derma fillers or a partial facelift. But they’re not giving their secret away, not to you; they just thank you for your compliment and go on their merry way. There are tens of thousands of such incidences where people, both men and women, have derma fillers in secret. So there are plenty of success stories out there, it’s just that they’re without story tellers.

How Derma Fillers Work

dermal filler injectionA lot of dermal fillers are made from something called hyaluronic acid. It’s a kind of sugar known as a polysaccharide. Hyaluronic acid is present in your body tissues, i.e. skin and tendons, etc. This works as a facial-filler when it’s combined with water. What happens is that it swells and then forms into a gel. It’s this gel that causes the smoothing and filling effects. There are other materials used in these fillers too, such as collagen and calcium hydroxyl apatite. The technology is also constantly evolving. At the time of writing, this is an impressive and affordable alternative to the facelift. Furthermore, it’s minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery.

There are two options for these facial fillers:

  1. Temporary
  2. Long-lasting

Discover Your Options

Practitioners administer facial fillers using miniature injections. They insert these into specific points on your face and then gently massage the area once the filler is in place. What type of filler you decide on depends on the work you’re having done, i.e. lip augmentation wrinkle reduction and so on. I have to stress again about the importance of having a qualified medical professional carry out the procedure. Don’t get pulled in by the lowest prices as there will usually be a good reason why it’s so cheap. It shouldn’t take long to research the place you have in mind, or the people who perform the operations. I’m not suggesting that the highest price is always the best service. All I’m doing here is hinting that you should take a little time to discover your best options, that’s all.

As long as you use a qualified professional to apply the fillers, your results should be more than pleasing. These anti-ageing facial treatments are by far the best non-surgical approach for achieving more youthful looking skin and volume.

Quick Tips to a Younger Look

Here are a few quick facts of interest:

  • Skin not only dries with age, it thins too
  • Too much foundation over aging skin makes you look older not younger
  • Moisturizer, a primer followed by a light liquid foundation is better than foundation
  • Apply makeup using a magnifying mirror (older eyes often don’t see as well as we think)
  • Apply a thin strip of eyeliner along the line where the lashes begin (top & bottom)
  • Put your eyebrows back on using a quality eyebrow pencil

beautiful womanYou can follow the above tips even if you decide to enhance your looks using dermal fillers. Makeup can make or break a face at any age, depending on how it’s applied. I hope by now that any phobia you might have had is now directed away from dermal fillers. Singapore is the place to look for this treatment if you live there or are in the region.