Facial Fillers – Products, Procedures and Options in Singapore


Thanks to the advancement of non-surgical cosmetic techniques, people are now able to enjoy physical enhancements without the need for invasive surgery. Best of all is that these treatments are less expensive and the recovery time if there is one, is much shorter. One popular cosmetic enhancement technique at the time of writing is facial fillers. In Singapore, as an example, fillers are very popular among South East Asians as a non-surgical solution to the aging issue. Botox has been popular for many years now, but it’s no longer the only option available.

The Aging Dilemma

When we’re young, the ageing process doesn’t bother us too much. In most cases, pre-teens can’t wait to become teenagers and teens are in a hurry to become 20-somethings. After that, ageing is something that most of us would slow right down or stop even if we had that power. Alas, we can’t turn back the clock in that sense, but we can turn back the clocks of time from a physical angle. Some call it vanity, others egotistical, but who cares. There’s nothing wrong with a person wanting to look as youthful as they possibly can for their age. And when we look good we feel great too, and that is something which can affect the very way we feel and function in everyday life.

Let’s not forget too that the older and more haggard a person looks, the fewer opportunities they have in later life. It shouldn’t be like that, but in reality it is exactly that way. People of middle age and older still have to compete in the job market, so it’s important that they look as fresh and as alive as they can at the interview stage.

Why We Age

aging woman looking at her reflection and wrinkles

The ageing process is inevitable and it can be quite cruel in some people. It all starts with the inner layer of our skin called the dermis. What happens is that it eventually loses two things essential to youthful good looks.

1. Collagen (the stuff which holds the entire body together)

2. Elastin (a protein that gives the property of elasticity to the skin)

Both of these things are important for maintaining the softness, plumpness and suppleness of human skin. As we age, everything gets weaker and therefore less effective at supporting the structure of your skin. Something else happens too, that contributes to the ageing process. The outer layer of the skin (the epidermis), starts to thin and so loses its ability to hold moisture. Fats also begin to disappear in the lower layers of skin. Note that these three manifestations occur at about the same time. This is why your skin starts to sag more with each passing year. It’s also why those fine lines and deeper wrinkles eventually form. Sadly, not all people age gracefully. There are plenty of folks out there who suffer with premature ageing for all kinds of reasons.

OK, let’s take a look at some of the options available to you in the twenty-first century.

Why Fillers

If you’re reading here you’ve probably heard about fillers and want to find out more. Well, these are fast becoming the most popular treatments of them all. Here’s what quality fillers applied by a good doctor can do for you:

  • Soften wrinkles
  • Remove or reduce the sign of Laughter lines
  • Reduce the visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles caused by ageing or exposure to the sun

Good fillers will add volume and fullness to your skin. This includes the bridge of your nose, your lips and your cheeks. Fillers can also be used for smoothing and “plumping” fine lines and deeper wrinkles. A lot of people like treatment around the forehead, eyes, mouth and chin, the neck, and backs of hands (especially women).

About Dermal Fillers

woman getting a Facial Fillers injection

Popular dermal fillers include names such as Sculptra® Juvederm® and Restylane®. These fillers are applied via injections. Women, in particular, like to use them to increase volume and add better definition to the lips. Manufacturers of dermal fillers advise people to only allow professionals to carry out procedures. Depending on where you are in the world this may not be a “legal” requirement. Because of this, it’s crucial that you check the credentials of the practitioner. Remember, anyone who advertises their services in this area are going to promote themselves in a positive light. They will do this even if they’re inexperienced or unqualified.

Dermal fillers can be either temporary or permanent. What materials they consist of and the effects they produce will depend on your choice of treatment. Once treatment beings your practitioner injects the chosen filler into a series of small areas and then gently massages the skin. Some treatments, though not all, need to be carried out using a local anaesthetic. The time it takes depends on a number of factors, such as the amount of work and product used. Usually, average treatment time will vary between 30 to 60 minutes. The outcome is a face that has a nice natural volume. The end result should be skin that is more youthful and nicely hydrated.

Post Treatment

Post-treatment there might be a little swelling and tenderness around the treated area. In most cases, this will only last for around 24 hours. Depending on your therapy, the practitioner may suggest you don’t drink any coffee, alcohol, or hot drinks. They will certainly tell you to stay out of direct sunlight for a day or two.

This isn’t a walk-in surgical procedure though. If any doctor or clinic is prepared to treat you without an in-depth consultation, head for the nearest exit. It’s vital that they go over your motivation and expectations before any recommendations can be made. The last thing anyone wants is a doctor that over-promises and under-delivers.

Potential Risk Factors

In general this is a low risk procedure but you do want to make sure the practitioner is experienced to carry out the work. The permanent fillers can have some risk if they’re not applied properly. Some of the “potential” risks include itching, bruising, swelling and rashes. Another risk factor is when the patient has an allergic reaction to the product. Although harsh reactions are rare, you want to make sure you have the emergency phone number to hand in the event of any problems.

beautiful woman smiling

Other than that, facial fillers are popular for good reason. People are getting great results from this wonderful, non-evasive fact lift procedure.

Facial fillers in Singapore are very competitively priced too. It’s impossible to say how much as it all depends on the amount of filler and what type of work the patient needs. A consultation should tell you everything you need to know.