Liposuction Facts and Patient Expectations

Before we begin, I feel it's important to make a couple of things clear. First of all, liposuction is NOT a weight loss solution of any kind. And secondly, it is NOT some sort of armchair diet. If anyone tries to convince you otherwise, they're trying to pull the wool over your eyes. For effective weight loss, you have to embrace an efficient weight loss program. That's what liposuction is not, so now we can take a look at what it is. Here are the facts about liposuction in Singapore.

Permanent Results

This is great news for people who need stubborn areas of fat removing permanently. Once your procedure is complete, you can more or less guarantee that your new body shape is permanent. It's impossible for the removed fat cells to return (grow back). This doesn't mean you can then just eat whatever you want. Fat will always accumulate in the body when it needs to; it just can't grow back where liposuction removed the fat cells. The pounds will just pile on somewhere else, that's all. I'll talk more about that later.

Weight Loss Expectations

Weight Loss Expectations

Remember what I said in the opening paragraph. Liposuction is not a procedure for weight loss, so no patient should look at this as a treatment for shedding lots of excess weight. It just ain't gonna happen folks! This is more of a treatment for removing areas of stubborn fat and for improving aesthetic appearance. To put it another way, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to make the person look more physically attractive. OK, so losing substantial amounts of weight also makes an individual look more attractive, but that's not the point of this surgery.

Weight Gain after Surgery

Anyone who gains weight after liposuction will not reap the full benefits of their surgery. Preferably, a patient should keep their weight off after treatment. This amount should be equal to the total weight of the fat removed. Let me explain. Say you weigh in at 140 pounds pre-surgery. Now let's assume that you had two liposuction procedures done. And let's presume you had an average of four pounds of fat taken out with each treatment (total eight pounds). Ideally, you would now aim to keep your weight at or below 132 pounds. Are you with me so far?

Now let us suppose you gained eight pounds sometime after your surgery. This means you're back to your pre-surgery weight of 140 pounds. Okay, so the fat can't return to where the liposuction took it from. Because of this you still get to see the results of your surgery, even though you're back to your pre-surgery weight. But those results will no longer be as dramatic since you've gained more weight in other areas, and that's the point. So if you do put on extra weight post-surgery, you will lose some of the pleasing cosmetic enhancements. This is why it's important for anyone having this type of surgery to couple it with lifestyle changes too.

Where New Fat Goes

Where New Fat Goes

We've already looked at the permanence of the fat loss once liposuction has removed it from a specific place. It's just not possible for the fat to return to that exact area. However, the human body has plenty of other places it can store fat deposits. Let's look at this logically. Suppose a woman has liposuction in the following areas:

  • Hips
  • Outer thighs
  • Abdomen

Now let's assume she starts to pile the pounds back on post-surgery. We know it can't return to her hips, outer thighs or her abdomen. All that will happen is that the extra weight gain will find a place in say her face, back, breasts and legs.

Liposuction and the Ageing Process

Successful liposuction surgery will always be evident, especially when the patient takes good care of themselves. But this is not a surgery that turns back the clocks of time. Post-surgery, the ageing process will continue as normal. Both the size and the location of body fat changes as we get older. Liposuction can have no defence against that. But like I said, anyone who takes care of themselves after treatment will always be able to see the results of their surgery at any age.

Pregnancy and Liposuction

Another concern we hear from women is what happens to her liposuction if she becomes pregnant. Well, there are three things happening here:

  1. She gets pregnant
  2. She gains weight
  3. She gives birth

All kinds of changes happen to a woman's body during this time, whether she's had liposuction of not. But there is nothing about getting pregnant and giving birth that will disrupt the previous surgery. As long as the woman loses the excess weight after giving birth, her body will return to how it was before she became pregnant and had her baby.

The Amount of Fat Removed During Liposuction

Fat Removed During Liposuction

Different people have different needs and expectations. You must have seen liposuction performed on TV. It looks as though the surgeon sucks an endless stream of disgusting looking fat out of the patient. Looks can be deceptive though. In actual fact, the maximum amount of fat that a surgeon can remove for each treatment is somewhere between six to eight pounds maximum. That's about three to four litres of fat in all. The reason for these limits is because anything more than eight pounds of fat runs the risk of serious complications. This is why doctors split liposuction operations into separate treatments. They space each session out somewhere between three to four weeks apart. It has to be done like this for safety reasons.

Liposuction and Skin Issues

If you have sagging skin or problems with cellulite, liposuction will not help you in these areas. If you need to improve the overall quality of your skin texture, you will need different surgery to this. What liposuction does is significantly improve body shape.

Dealing with a Fat Stomach

A lot of women have problems with tummy fat, especially after giving birth. In a lot of cases, liposuction is an excellent treatment for improving the abdomen area. It can even produce a much better, more natural end look than a tummy tuck would, and it's much less invasive too.

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