Liposuction Fat Transfer To Buttocks - Recovery, Prices & Cost, Pros/Cons

From reducing to extracting fat with the idea of improving different parts and contours of the body, the data shows new trends in cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures associated with fat in body shaping. A trend we are noticing is an increase in fat transfer (fat grafting) procedures. This is an operation where plastic surgeons collect unwanted fat from a certain part of the patient's body using liposuction and then inject it to lift and rejuvenate another area.

Some of the most wanted areas for fat extraction or liposuction are the stomach, lower back, flanks (love handles), thighs and hips. In fact, these are the parts of the body where we most easily accumulate fat. The areas that people, rather women, usually want to lift and volume are buttocks, breast and some zones from the face. The benefit of fat grafting procedures is that the results last longer because the injected material is your own fat, unlike the other gluteal augmentation technique where silicone buttock implants are used.

According to statistics in the past few years, minimally invasive cosmetic fat injections increased by 13%, Brazilian butt lift increased by 26%, breast augmentation with fat transplantation also increased by 72%.

What is fat transfer to buttocks?

Fat transfer to buttocks is a surgical procedure that also goes by the name of a Brazilian butt lift. In this operation, a surgeon reshapes the buttocks and enhances the volume in this zone. This plastic surgery includes liposuction or liposculpture where fat deposits are removed from a certain area of the body and fat grafting where the fat is inserted into the buttock area.

Brazilian butt lift surgery provides quick and easy correction of these problem areas of the body which are difficult to reshape by traditional methods such as weight control and exercises.

Liposuction makes the body look thinner and more shaped. Fat grafting helps to regain the lost volume on the buttocks and to get that rounded shape.

Having extra and loose skin in the buttocks is a natural consequence of age but it can also occur after a significant weight loss in young people. The main reason for sagging skin is a constantly decreasing elasticity of the skin which is a result of lower production of collagen and elastin as well as reduced muscle tone which in turn leads to degeneration of adipose tissue. Thanks to plastic surgery and modern cosmetic surgery this problem can be solved.

Fat transfer to buttocks cost in Singapore

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The starting price for fat transfer to the buttocks in Singapore is $11000 for small or medium volume. If you want to go to a bigger size you will probably have to pay more than $14000. The cost of butt lift surgeries depends on multiple factors and the most reliable way to get a more accurate price for this plastic is to consult plastic surgeons.

Pros and cons of Brazilian butt lift


  • Butt lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery that can improve the contours of two areas of the body at the same time. For example, you can eliminate some fat from your flanks and then use that fat for your buttocks.
  • This procedure gives long term results and some of the fat that is transferred is permanent.
  • The material that is used for Brazilian but-lift is completely natural.
  • This plastic surgery improves the skin's elasticity.


  • Sometimes, multiple procedures might be required.
  • Skinny patients may also undergo butt lift procedures.
  • It is a surgical procedure that may lead to unpleasant side effects and complications.

Fat transfer from stomach to buttocks

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Have you always wanted to get rid of those flanks and to have that hourglass body shape? If you have stubborn fat in the belly, but your buttocks are flat then you might be a suitable candidate for this plastic surgery. But what is the process of getting this procedure? First of all, you have to find a good provider who is experienced enough in the field. This very important part of the process because if not performed well this plastic surgery can be dangerous. So before undergoing Brazilian but lift make sure your surgeon is board-certified and eligible in this speciality.

Once you choose a surgeon, your next step is consultation. This is the moment when you can receive an answer to all of your questions. You and your surgeon will talk about the amount of fat that can be removed from your stomach/ flanks and how much will be injected into your butts. You can also ask to see a doctor's before and after photos. During your consultation, the surgeon will precisely define the task of the forthcoming operative intervention. Preoperative general and local assessment are performed after a thorough examination. You need to have healthy and elastic skin on your stomach/ flanks otherwise you may need to get another procedure for tightening your skin.

Fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks is an outpatient procedure and usually requires general anaesthesia. By performing liposuction the surgeon takes fat stores from the stomach. This fat should be cleansed in a sterilized environment and prepared then placed into the buttocks.

In Singapore, fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks may cost anywhere from $10000 to $15000.

Fat transfer from thighs to buttocks

If you want skinny and toned hips but rounder and full butts then Brazilian butt lift is probably a good option for you. Of course, first of all, you need to have extra fat on your thighs as well as to be in good overall health.

Thighs and hips are often a problem area for women and many times are desired objects for liposuction. Sometimes even in thin women deformities and stretching is observed in inner thighs and this significantly ruins the silhouette of the legs.

The procedure itself is similar to fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks but instead of extracting fat from the flanks or abdomen area, the surgeon takes it from the thighs.

Liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks - recovery

Something that people always want to know is what is the healing period and when they will be able to go back to work and exercise. The other frequent question among patients is what they need to do to make it heal the best.

The recovery is really pretty similar to what liposuction would be itself except for you have one more area that is sore and you do have to be a little protective of that area.

Usually, after liposuction people feel like they are bruised, achy and swollen. Furthermore, you will be swollen and sore on the backside too. Your doctor will also advise you to use a compressive garment after liposuction to make sure you don't build up extra fluid or blood around the tissue that makes for trouble healing and more scar tissue. So if your donor side has been the flanks you will have to wear compressive garment wrap around the binder and then typically will put stockings up over the hips and thighs.

Another thing that you should pay attention to during your healing is the position that you stay in. You shouldn't sit on your butt or sleep flat on your back for at least 14 days after the operation. You don't want a lot of pressure right on the area.

Fat transfer to buttocks - side effects and risks

Possible side effects from buttock lift are infection, pain, swelling and some more serious such as fat embolism.

For the last few years, it has been seen an unbelievable increase in demand for butt augmentation. Unfortunately, many people also have reported about the series and potentially fatal complications. It is real surgery and has real risks, including potential damage to the area's blood vessels including fatal complications. If you are considering building up your butt or having a buttocks augmentation wherever you are always relying on science and never sacrifice safety and quality for convenience. Note that fat grafting and procedures using silicone implant are approved for buttock augmentation. To guarantee your safety, your goals and your care you need to find a good and qualified plastic surgeon.

How long does fat transfer to buttocks last?

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When plastic surgeons do liposuction they are removing all the stubborn fat in a given area, except for the super subcutaneous layer. Once that fat is removed it is permanently gone - you don't make more fat cells. If you gain weight you will gain in other areas. It means this gives permanent results. But what about the fat that has injected? Is that permanent?

Fat grafting is deemed to be a very long term procedure. It is due to the natural fat that is used. However, a certain percentage of that fat will get absorbed by the body. It means not 100% of the fat that is injected is going to stay. It is not only just fat cells, but you have some growth factors, you have stem cells and some vascular cells, and so all of these different things contribute to the plumpiness of the buttocks and the reshaping of the buttocks. And whatever is staying is the one that will eventually keep growing. The American Society of plastic surgeons reports that the injected fat operates like any other fat which is found in the body.

How much fat do you need for a fat transfer to buttocks?

Few things determine how much fat will be injected. Some of those things are your size, your current buttocks shape and, of course, the end result you're willing to attain. So it differs on a patient by patient basis. In general, for a Brazilian butt lift the goal is not to make a really large butt, the goal really is to create rounded beautiful buttocks that fit in well the rest of the curves so at the end you get a nice hourglass type figure.

To conclude

Nowadays, buttocks fat transfer procedure is gaining extreme popularity and the overwhelming number of patients have reported received satisfying results. According to a study done on 137 patients aged between 20-56 years, 118 (86.1%) of them achieved the results they wanted. 19 of the patients (13.9%) wanted additional fat grafting procedure for larger buttocks. 12 patients (8.8%) had insignificant cosmetic problems after the surgery and10 of the patients (7.3%) complained from mild side effects. Nobody experienced major complications.

The study found that the buttock fat transfer is safe as well as an efficient technique for increasing the buttocks size and volume. However, this is not a simple operation. That is why it is extremely important to think carefully about your decision before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift.