Liposuction Singapore: Price, Surgery, Types, Recovery

Do you have fat clusters in your body that have tormented you since forever despite your constant attempts to get rid of them? You are not alone. About half the population on earth is dealing with the same problem and some of them are looking at cosmetic surgery for a solution. If this feels like something you could do too, go with liposuction in Singapore. It is the best treatment that the world has invented so far. If you stick around, we will give you an overview of liposuction surgery and its particulars. Let’s plunge into it.

Liposuction Basics

Also dubbed as lipectomy, liposculpture suction, and lipoplasty, liposuction is MOH-accredited spot reduction of fat deposits. The basic technique consists of making cuts in the skin so that a thin tube called a cannula can slide through them. It has got to reach the subcutaneous layer just below the skin where the fat cells are. Then, the extra tissues are suctioned out.

The goal is to eliminate an excess of fatty tissue from the belly, buttocks (not to be confused with liposuction fat transfer to buttocks), and arms.

Despite being a simple procedure, liposuction is considered a surgical one. An anaesthetist delivers sedation to keep the patient unconscious and relaxed. Being experienced and equipped with the latest technologies at hand, doctors these days can minimise the risks and scarring while bringing about satisfactory results.

Not only that, but liposuction surgery might be combined with other aesthetic surgery treatments. Please note that it is a cosmetic procedure that is different from reconstructive surgery or plastic surgery for that matter. You need to go to a cosmetic clinic and have a consultant plastic surgeon or an aesthetician tell you more about it.


How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Singapore

The average price range for a complete liposuction procedure in Singapore is between $15,000 to $25,000. This is because each body part that you want to reshape is charged separately and could go along the lines of $1,500-$2,800 each. Because of this, it is difficult to give a precise number when asked about the cost of liposuction. To compare, the liposuction costs in South Korea is between $1,100 and $3,000.

Many clinics won’t perform liposuction unless there is a minimum of five body areas to work on. Hence, the overall liposuction cost in Singapore can quickly climb to $15,000. Mind you that additional fees will come into play.

Each facility has its own price list and requirements, so you have to research well your options and demand information from the cosmetic or plastic surgeon of your choosing.

It should be mentioned liposuction does not get coverage by insurance companies, meaning you will need ready cash to defray the expenses of the surgical procedure.

Who Makes a Perfect Candidate for Liposuction?

You will be considered a perfect fit for the minimally invasive treatment providing you are in good health with no pre-existing conditions or issues with your blood flow. The intervention is best carried out on patients who are 20-50 lbs (10 to 23 kilograms) above their own ideal weight (based on BMI). But the biggest bonus is if they have localised areas of fat.

How do You Prepare?

  • Discuss the process with your doctor
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and supplements that may increase bleeding
  • Do not smoke
  • Adjust your medications if you are taking any
  • Do lab testing to ensure you are in good health

Types of Liposuction Procedures

Now, liposuction is a treatment that, over the years, has seen a deluge in patients willing to achieve better body contouring without having to undergo severe cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Hence, science has developed various different types of liposuction to make the process safer and more efficient, including tumescent liposuction, VASER, laser assisted liposuction, and more. It's also carried out on different parts of the body. Have a look.

Arm Liposuction Singapore

woman getting her arm fat measured before arm liposuction

Another region that doesn’t respond to diet and sports alone is the arms. They tend to amass fat deposits to a great extent. Thanks to arm liposuction, excess fat can be expelled from the area in no time. The best part is, the downtime and recovery take less time. It’s also more bearable and comfortable. Many liposuction clinics in Singapore have this option.

Chin Liposuction Procedure

chin liposuction male patient

Liposuction is as beneficial for the chin as it is for other parts of the body. Some plastic surgeons resort to the procedure to eliminate the so-called double chin. The method is the same - a tiny suction tube is inserted into the targeted region to drain the fatty content.

Breast Liposuction in Singapore

woman covering her small breasts with her arms

Some women want to reduce the size and bulkiness of their bust for various reasons. There are different procedures they can try. One of them involves the suction of unwanted fat through liposuction. Healing times and recovery differ for every region. Liposuction is often used in different breast augmentation procedures like reduction and others.

VASER Liposuction (Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction)

vaser liposuction machine

VASER liposuction is among the newer liposuction methods. It aims to liquefy excess fat before it is eliminated. For this purpose, a plastic surgeon or aesthetician operates an ultrasound technology. This makes things a lot easier and faster.

Also, the incision is smaller. The VASER liposuction machine comes with an additional gadget that can deliver soundwaves that help to break fat cells down.

What makes VASER better overall is the fact that the body has less damage to deal with and is prone to faster healing thanks to ultrasonic energy.

How do you know you qualify for VASER-assisted liposuction? The procedure is suitable for individuals who:

  • Have good muscle tone and skin quality; this means strong abdominal walls and elastic skin should be present (but no sagging skin)
  • Have realistic expectations and a positive outlook
  • Do not smoke
  • Are in good health and lack any medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, a weak immune system, etc.

For the most part, everything that you know about the traditional liposuction treatment applies in full to VASER liposuction. The same practice is enforced with any major surgery.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction does not break down the fat before extracting it. Instead, the technician inserts a sterile solution right into the targeted site. The liquid also contains epinephrine and lidocaine. The former tightens blood vessels and relaxes the muscles, while the latter is an anaesthetic. Its purpose is to numb the areas so that you don't feel any pain during the intervention.

Overall, the sterile solution helps the surgeon suction the fat deposits in a cinch, which reduces blood loss. The treatment is shorter than the other types. Click here to read our full guide on this type of liposuction.

Liposuction Procedures and Fat Grafting for Body Contouring

Fat transfer from stomach

After you undergo liposuction, the surplus of fatty content can be put to good use in areas lacking enough of it. For example, it may be re-introduced in the breasts to increase their size slightly or improve their fullness and shape.

Fat grafting is a safe intervention because the transferred tissue belongs to the same person and it doesn’t bother the surrounding cells. Needless to say, this minimises the risk of adverse reactions, numbness, and infection.

A curious fact is that the liposuctioned fatty content might serve additional purposes. Most surgeons can harvest adult stem cells from it to employ them in the growth of new blood vessels. The areas are not important as long as there is enough tissue to get started.

From thighs to ankles, all body parts are suitable. That is some exciting news for the medical community, as it can solve plenty of problems. Please note that this is not applicable to smartlipo, VASER technology, and other cosmetic procedures.

Liposuction and Diabetes: A Controversial Topic

It is not uncommon for overweight people to think about liposuction surgery as a way to address obesity and prevent,or even treat, type 2 diabetes. However, let's not forget that this is a cosmetic procedure, not a cure. If you are suffering from diabetes and still want to undergo the treatment, you have to be aware of a few things.

First, any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery can compromise your well being. From the use of anaesthetic to the slow healing times and the possibilities of infection - the stakes are high. If your condition is out of whack, this will make you unsuitable for liposuction.

Not to mention, general anaesthesia brings upon vomiting and nausea, which might interfere with your blood sugar levels.

Now, a lot of cosmetic surgeons agree to deliver the liposuction procedures to diabetics after careful assessment of the situation following a physical check-up. Some even suggest something called smart lipo, which uses a laser to destroy fat deposits. That’s basically minimally invasive liposuction. It’s a great alternative to the traditional intervention because it can be executed without general anaesthesia and the dangers that it carries. Mind you that it is different from VASER liposuction. Read our full article on liposuction and diabetes for more in-depth information.

How Much Fat Can Liposuction Remove at one Time?

You may be surprised to learn that there are guidelines for liposuction services. Liposuction cosmetic surgery is not supposed to get rid of all of your fat because that’s not healthy. There is a limited amount of deposits that could be extracted from your body. The general rule that cosmetic or plastic surgeons all over the world go by is 11 pounds, or 5,000 millilitres, of fat. This number serves to show the absolute maximum for every patient, despite weight variations.

However, according to recent research, doctors can now decide how much tissue to suction based on one’s body mass index. Besides, some areas accumulate more fats than others. Hence, the stomach or abdomen will be more affected than the calves So, at the end of the day, it’s all in the hands of your preferred liposuction clinics in Singapore.

What Can Liposuction in Singapore Not Do?

Even though plastic surgery is evolving quickly, there are many limitations to point out to Singapore patients so they stay on the informed side. Liposuction is no exception. It comes with plenty of benefits but it can only do so much for your body. Here is what it won’t do.

  • It doesn’t fight off cellulite. In fact, after you have the liposuction treatment, your cellulite will likely become more visible.
  • It will not change the number on the scales. Fat generally doesn’t weigh much and when you lose some of it, it won’t show on the scales. So, don’t be surprised if the pounds don’t start shedding post-surgery - the treatment just doesn't work that way. Put another way, liposuction techniques are not implemented as an overall weight loss method.
  • It cannot deal with stretch marks because they are scar tissue forming on the surface of the skin. Liposuction aims at fatty deposits and works under the skin.
  • It doesn’t replace healthy eating. You can still gain weight post-op. Unless you switch to a balanced diet, you can undo the amazing results you achieved. After the procedure, the existing fat cells will easily expand if stimulated. Having high-calorie foods that are full of sugar and trans fats will hinder your outcomes and send you back to where you started.

Liposuction Vs Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

woman in underwear testing fat layer on tummy

Many people think that abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is liposuction of the stomach. But in truth, there is a slight difference and it lies in the methods of fat extraction that are employed. When it comes to a tummy tuck, both fat and skin are removed manually and as an additional step, the muscles are tightened. Here, skin elasticity is not that important.

The procedure is office-based and requires either spinal or general anaesthesia. Postoperative complications are a rare occurrence and the result is evident right away but takes some time to show completely.

Besides the aesthetic side of it, the advantages are plentiful: a tummy tuck might increase your tolerance to exercise, correct a ventral hernia, as well as reduce urinary incontinence and back pain.

By contrast, in lipo, the process to remove fat relies entirely on a suction technique via a thin tube.

Liposuction Vs CoolSculpting (Fat Freeze)

Coolsculpting is another technique for body contouring, or body sculpting, but it works way differently than lipo. It is the brand behind a cosmetic procedure called cryolipolysis or fat freezing. Non-invasive procedures like this one spot target stubborn fatty content by freezing them. Aestheticians apply cold pads over the targeted area to reduce the local temperature significantly.

Coolsculpting is FDA-cleared. It is performed in a clinic by a trained doctor. It works for hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, abdomen, ankles, and other areas. The result is visible right away and it gets better over time.

The prices of the two treatments differ. Fat freezing is carried out in multiple sessions just like other cosmetic procedures. Each might set you back some $600. Overall, cryolipolysis is more affordable than liposuction and other types of aesthetic surgery.

Common Questions about Liposuction Procedure in Singapore

How is liposuction performed?

Based on the liposuction type you've scheduled, you might be able to get it completed in a surgeon's office and return home within the same day. If considerable amounts of fatty content are to be taken out, the procedure will be executed in a hospital and may require an overnight stay.

When the sedation takes effect, the plastic surgery expert will make small cuts, put a suction device (much like a dental suction device) in the cut, and "suck out" the fat using a suction pump or even a big syringe.

How long is recovery?

Even though liposuction can be an outpatient procedure, most people recover fairly quickly. The majority of folks will return to work in a few days and resume day-to-day activities within a few weeks.

Bruising, swelling, and soreness in the treated areas go on for at least a few weeks, so that's what you should expect during your recovery period. Your doctor might prescribe a compression garment that you'll wear in the months ahead to control swelling. But each patient is different.

Are liposuction results permanent?

The fatty tissues are eliminated forever during liposuction. Should you put on weight following the procedure, it won't concentrate in the treated area. Yet, new fat cells could emerge, ruining the outcome. Thus, it’s vital to understand that you can still gain weight afterwards, so it should be your priority to keep things under control.

What are the side effects?

The basic problems that may arise are infection, pain, numbness, fluid accumulation, blood clots, fat embolism, pulmonary embolism (a medical emergency), internal puncture, and contour irregularities.

Your chances of getting out of aesthetic surgery as fit as a fiddle is to go to a certified aesthetic clinic and get operated on by a highly experienced doctor. Even though this ups the prices of the treatment, this is the safest bet you can make. Your health should be your priority. Plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist knows what they are talking about.

Bottom Line

Liposuction services have evolved to offer more sparing modern techniques like smartlipo, power-assisted liposuction, and ultrasound-assisted liposuction. They can be used everywhere on the body, including the face. But they happen to be most beneficial on the thighs, belly, and arms. The best candidate is someone who has a good medical history and is preferably a non-smoker. It also has to be a person with a positive account balance because the treatment is not covered by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

In the end, is liposuction worth it? The majority of patients are positive about their experience. 91% of people getting the treatment are happy with the results.

But on a side note, your satisfaction levels will depend on your goals and expectations. If you are hoping for a miracle, you are in for a disappointment: liposuction has its limitations and does not substitute a healthy lifestyle. It can only remove fat deposits from certain areas. Remember that your body is your responsibility and respectively your health is in your hands.