No-Knife Nose Surgery | Fillers for Noses

The non-surgical nose job, or rhinoplasty, is becoming a popular option for many. It’s the latest and safest way to improve the appearance of any hooter. This non-surgical reshaping technique is quicker and less uncomfortable. It also has a faster recovery time than the more invasive nose jobs. If you haven’t heard of this technique, keep reading to discover the real benefits of nose fillers. Singapore is fast becoming a world leader in these non-invasive surgical procedures. It’s certainly a great place to research your options, costs and to learn about the various fillers for noses reshaping.

Meet the Fillers

The dermal fillers used for nose jobs consist of the same types of materials that doctors use to correct wrinkles, facial scarring and skin depressions. The consistency of these fillers is that of soft tissue. The texture has to be just right so that the solution can easily access below the skin via injection. Dermal fillers can use several types of materials. These can either be manmade or synthetic in nature. All cosmetic fillers are perfectly safe and effectual for medical usage.

Juvederm For nose jobs, hyaluronic acid is the most widespread of all the fillers. These include Juvederm®, Restylane® and also Radiesse® (calcium-based wrinkle filler). The reason hyaluronic acid is a popular choice is because it’s from nature. It’s also an extremely versatile substance. It’s already in your body and that of most living organisms. The three major advantages of hyaluronic acid for cosmetic purposes include:


  1. Adds elasticity to skin
  2. Provides skin with volume
  3. Delivers a more youthful appearance

There’s quite a bit of science around all the fillers. For now though, just understand that they are benign, effective and FDA approved for cosmetic purposes.

Removing the Fears

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is a type of treatment that removes all those old fears. There’s none of the reservations that come with more invasive surgical procedures. You know the kind of thing, concerns about something going terribly wrong. Maybe you dream about leaving surgery looking more like the Bride of Frankenstein than the fairy tale princess you had hoped for. Although disastrous results are extremely rare, there are still a few cases every once in a while. These are typically caused by low-cost, low-tech surgeries in developing countries. They are usually carried out by inexperienced surgeons too.

The 15 Minute Nose Job

a clockUsing fillers for nose jobs is incredibly quick compared to the more invasive procedures. To begin with there’s no cutting or nose breaking needed before the reshaping can start. Some of these procedures are so quick that the non-surgical rhinoplasty has earned its nickname, “the 15 minute nose job.” This really is a minimally-invasive surgery. The only “invasive” part comes from the dermal filler injections. If you’re not happy with your nose for whatever reasons, you will certainly want to read to the end of this article.

The six key points of consideration include:

  1. Perfect alternative to invasive surgical procedures
  2. More affordable than traditional surgery
  3. Immediate results
  4. Zero down time
  5. No need for a general anaesthetic
  6. No lengthy healing time

This is a type of surgery that is less bothersome than a dental check-up, it really is. Before treatment starts the doctor gives you a topical anaesthetic at least 20 minutes before the procedure begins.

How Dermal Nose Fillers Work

The doctor performs the technique while the dermal fillers perform their magic. These are the most important instruments in the armamentarium arsenal of aesthetic surgery. It’s important that only a qualified and experienced doctor carries these procedures out. You want to make sure you do your homework before making a decision so that you can get the best possible outcome. By the way, if you have a phobia of needles then you might want to request a general anaesthetic.

OK, once everything is ready the doctor then injects the dermal fillers in tiny amounts into the predefined areas on your skin. Working like this gives them total control over the way they contour and shape your nose. Once the fillers are under your skin, the doctor massages those areas until they achieve the desired results. Unless you request otherwise, you will be wide awake for the entire procedure. Furthermore, you get to hold up a face mirror which allows you to take control of the end result. That’s right, you can ask for a little less here, a bit more there and so on.

This is the real magic of the non-surgical rhinoplasty. There’s no more waking up from a general anaesthetic hoping and praying that you have the nose you want.

After the Surgery

before after restylaneThere are a few common-sense rules to follow post-treatment. The most important of these is to avoid touching the treated area for at least six hours after the procedure. You must also avoid applying any makeup on or near to the nose. The reason for these precautions is because the first six hours post-treatment are the most prone to infection. The clinic coordinator will go over all the post-treatment dos and don’ts with you.

The great thing about this kind of surgery is that it lasts for anywhere from between 6-12 months. Once you have the look you love it’s then just a case of maintaining it. Your doctor can tweak and readjust your nose as you age to ensure you keep that all-natural new look. Although this is a maintenance nose-job, people rarely see it as a hassle. In fact, for most folks, it’s a lot less bothersome than their regular dental checks.

Photo (Before and After Nose Fillers): http://biogenesis.com.my/treatments/dermal-fillers/

Who Qualifies for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Any healthy adult who wants non-invasive nose surgery can qualify for non-surgical rhinoplasty. Whether it’s a minor tweak or something more major, dermal fillers could be the solution to all your nose problems. It’s particularly useful for those whose nose falls into any of the following categories:

  • A nose that is slightly crooked
  • Any nose that needs fine-tuning after a surgical rhinoplasty
  • Hooked noses that need straightening
  • Noses that could use more definition
  • Noses that could use more height
  • Noses that need a better-defined tip
  • Noses with bumps on the bridge
  • Tiny noses that need a little building up

If you’re in Asia or someone who is prepared to travel from afar for your surgery, then SEA is a great place to be for nose fillers. Singapore is perhaps the number one destination at the time of writing, followed by Thailand and then Malaysia.

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