Reshaping Fat Calves and Thick Ankles

In order of importance, the majority of women share the same concerns when it comes to the body beautiful. First it's the face, followed by the neck, boobs, saddlebags and calves (backs of lower leg). Most women wouldn't worry so much about that last point if it wasn't for the fact that their calves are always on display, at least for a lot of women they are. This is why there's an increased demand for surgery that target's calf reshaping. Singapore and other countries in the Asia region now offer calf reshaping without surgery. In this article, however, we focus on removing stubborn fat accumulation with special liposuction techniques. This is the kind of fat that sits around a woman's calves and lower ankles but won't budge with diet or exercise.

The Aesthetic Demands of Modern Women

There is no shortage of ageing body jokes out there that's for sure. Men are quite good at taking the Mickey out of their triple chins, protruding beer bellies and knobbly knees, etc. We can't say the same for women! It's never a good idea to mock the female figure in any way shape or form, not if you know what’s good for you. In general, most women don't enjoy the kind of "body humour' that men do. This is perhaps because women in general put higher standards on themselves with regards to how they look and how they age. In other words, it's a bigger deal for them than it is for their male counterparts.

Women Are Plastic Surgeons Biggest Customer

calf liposuction

There's no question of doubt that the number of men having plastic and cosmetic surgery is growing. Despite that, this is still a predominately female occupation.  If the figure from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is correct, a whopping 91 percent of all cosmetic surgery performed is on women.

Why Legs Matter

Most women are familiar now with how to fix facial features with surgery. They also know about boob jobs, tummy-tucks and liposuction along with body contouring. Now, it seems, there is a growing focus on the legs.  Some of the common complaints include:

  • Big knees
  • Bowed legs
  • Heavy (thick) legs
  • Leg lengthening/shortening
  • Lumpy skin on legs
  • Skinny legs (yes, too thin is as undesirable as too fat)
  • Stubby legs
  • Unsightly cankles
  • Large calves

There are a lot of "leg men" out there and women know it. Men have always liked females with nice legs, and the longer the better. Barstool Bob and his mates will often talk of women whose legs go all the way up to their armpits. For some men it's the breasts, others the butt, but there is no shortage of leg men around. In more recent times women seem to have become more obsessed about their legs. Perhaps this is because there are more cosmetic and plastic surgery options around these days to do something about it. In this piece we take a look at how women are reshaping their calves with calf the smart use of liposuction.

Calf Liposuction

calf liposuction result before after

There is nothing new about liposuction techniques. But calf liposuction has become something of a recent phenomenon in the world of plastic surgery. Sometimes big calves are the result of overdeveloped calf muscles, but often it's due to excess fat accumulation. If you can relate then you will know how suborn this area of fat can be too shift. Not many women will succeed with diet and exercise, which is why calf liposuction is so valuable. Remember, once the surgeon removes the fat, it's not possible for it to return to the same area. This is the great thing about liposuction; it offers a permeant solution to the fatty calf problem.

Other Options

You can have sculpting done just on your lower legs if you want to. You could also choose to have your calves redefined as part of a more comprehensive rejuvenation of lower leg. This would typically include your inner knees as well as your ankles and. The end result is much slender calves and nicely redefined ankles than you ever thought possible.

The Power of Body Sculpting & Contouring

Body contouring is fast becoming a favoured type of surgical procedure for a lot of women. It's not difficult to work out why when you think about it. This kind of surgery covers several body-sculpting procedures. Surgeons use these to completely reshape just about any part of the human body. These are sculpting techniques that effectively eliminate surplus skin and fat tissue. The fat I'm referring to here is the kind that does not respond to diet and regular exercise. It can't escape the surgeon's cannula though. This is the real power behind liposuction and modern surgical procedures.

The Procedure

calf liposuction before and after

Do you suffer from fat calves and thick ankles? If so, there's a good chance that fat accumulation and stubborn pockets of fat resting around your ankles is the root cause. What this does is create an undesirable "straight profile in your lower legs."  Thanks to skilled surgeons and effective techniques they can fix this straight profile for you. They do this by creating a more aesthetically curved profile, a look that is far more womanly. It's crucial that only a skilled and experienced doctor performs these operations (important).

Thanks to the rise in demand, there are now plenty of surgeons with the necessary skills and experience to carry out calf liposuction. Patients tend to tolerate the recovery time very well and most are more than happy with their long-lasting results.

Dress Like a Lady

Although trousers, jeans and dresses that flow to the floor are acceptable attire for any women, sometimes it's nice to uncover. Maybe you're someone who has been conscious of their fat calves and thick ankles. Well, after this surgery you can dress like a lady again and choose to go short if you want to, and you WILL want to. Once you have had your lower legs reshaped you will want to show off your legs and get back into skirts and shorter dresses.

Men just don't get it, but for a woman, the feminine shape really does matter, and that includes those lower legs too. Thanks to specialized liposuction techniques you can change the way you look forever. If this is something that interests you, make an appointment and discuss your options with a qualified professional. Make sure you ask to see photos of before and after shots of patients who have gone before you. This way you get to see the surgeons work first hand (important).