Take my fats away

Ever wondered what happens to the fats that are suctioned out after liposuction? The obvious answer is definitely to dispose it as medical waste. When that happens, the waste management company will ensure that these medical wastes are incinerated by the proper means of incinerating of medical waste before sending it to the landfills.

Otherwise, for certain plastic surgeons who practice fat transfer/grafting, these fats can be processed to purify it and then use it as fillers.

Fat fillers is done during fat transfer or fat grafting. These fats that are transferred or grafted into the other parts of the body would have been purified before re-injecting into the body parts to be filled. As of the recent years, fat transfers can be done onto several parts of the body. Fat transfers can be done onto the face, breasts and buttocks.

On the face, the fats can be injected into the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, nose area and chin. The fats injected will be able to fill up the hollows of the skin that loses the fats in the process of aging. Using the fats to inject into these places have a more lasting effect as compared to using fillers.

Fat transfer is also able to avoid any complications as compared to using fillers. This is because, the fats that are injected came from the same body, and the chances of a bad reaction are close to or none at all. The cost of filling with fats is also significantly lower than using temporary fillers.

Breast enlargement can also be done with fat transfer to the breast. Normally, fat transfer to the breast will need about two and a half pints of fats to increase the breast buy one-cup size.

Another fat transfer that is interesting is using it as a butt lift! While browsing through the net, there are plastic surgeons found to be using fat transfer as a butt lift method, which is allegedly known as the Brazilian style. The butt lift method is to help people with flat buttocks to have a more contoured buttocks and body.

Many people would joke about transferring/donating their suctioned out fats to the not-so-meaty friends, but truth of the matter is, fat transfer can only be done within the same body that it was extracted out. So, maybe we can think of other ways of doing charitable works.