The Evolvement of Facelift Procedure

Facelift procedure is done to improve or to remove the wrinkles and lines of on the face. It was traditionally done with surgeries and which gives gruesome pain and outcome for some people!

But facelift or facial youth restoration procedures have evolved so much over the years. From traditional facelift to the current times of liquid facelift done with fillers and laser treatments to remove the wrinkles and lines.

Apparently, surgical procedures done for facelift are not for everyone. Some people are worried about having to go under the knife. Some are worried about the outcome making the face look too fake. Some are worried to even have it in case something backfires.

Luckily, with the evolvement of facelift, there are now fillers that, might not give the same drastic effect or that it would last very long, but at least there is a glimmer of hope for people who wants to restore their youths without feeling like they need to risk their lives with surgery.

face injection

With injectable fillers, there are now not much things to worry about. For one, it is made up of minerals and materials that the body will be able to break it down and eventually absorb it. You will not even see where it goes or if it affects any other parts of your body. because it is basically made of something that even your body has it.

Hence, liquid facelift is described as restoring youth, because the injectable fillers will be able to restore the loss of the facial volume. Ultimately as you age, the thing about you that is so obvious to people, is your face. And if your face looks all saggy, droopy and wrinkly, people can start guessing your age.

before and after Facelift Procedure

And if you don’t want to pay thousands and thousands of dollars into having something so painful to turn back the clock, then get fillers. Fillers procedure costs about at least one third lesser of the price that you pay for surgical facelift.

But of course, unlike surgical procedure, fillers can only do so much and last so long. Although, it is still a good procedure to have and you can top it up every year. If you prioritize properly, you can save up slowly, every month, to get your fillers topped up annually. Much like how you would do with your own savings.