Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck in Singapore

We wrote a detailed article about tummy tuck in Singapore but we decided to write another one, more focused on the common questions we've received over time about the procedure. Let's dig into some tummy tuck questions we get asked on the regular.

Is tummy tuck cosmetic surgery?

Yes, this is a cosmetic surgical procedure and it can sometimes form part of plastic surgery when it’s done on medical grounds.

Does tummy tuck leave scars?

Because the skin and fat will be cut through, there will be some scarring after a full tummy tuck. To a large extent, the scar is not able to be seen with clothes on, as the openings are made in the lower abdomen (below the belly button). There is also such a thing as a mini tummy tuck scar, but it is much shorter.

What should your BMI be for a tummy tuck?

The most optimum BMI for the procedure is below 30 but overweight people can still benefit from the treatment as long as they meet the criteria.

Do you lose weight from tummy tuck surgery?

No. The operation induces no significant weight loss. Hence, it should not be regarded as a path to weight loss because it is a sculpting treatment that strives to enhance your appearance. And that's that. It removes fat exclusively from the belly which, come to think of it, doesn’t weigh that much. You should not expect a change in the numbers on the scale. What’s more important is that you like what you see in the mirror.

What is mini tummy tuck surgery?

A mini tummy tuck is nearly the same as an extended one; that being said, the incision is shorter and the recovery is smaller. It is done on the lower abdomen on people who don’t require much correction and it can eliminate mild amounts of fat. In addition, the treatment can tighten the muscles in the area if necessary. In comparison, a full tummy tuck spans above the belly button.

What is a 360 tummy tuck?

This is a general sculpting procedure that mandates a tummy tuck in the front and liposuction on the back and flanks. It can restore a good-looking hourglass shape by targeting excess fat.

Does tummy tuck cut off fat and excess skin?

Sure. Tummy tuck is about excising skin and fat. If necessary, it will tighten loose muscles as well. In some cases, the operation treats surrounding stretch marks too. (Yet, it doesn't deal with stretch marks anywhere else.)

How much fat is excised with this procedure?

It does depend on the number of excess fats present and how much the plastic surgeons will want to excise. Most patients will lose up to 2.2 kilograms, or 5 pounds of fat. For people with more significant amounts of hanging skin, it is possible to remove 2.2-4.5 kilograms, or 5-10 pounds.

What muscles are fixed in tummy tuck surgery?

Apart from enabling you to remove excess skin, the method could repair your rectus abdominis. It also folds over any stretched parts of the linea alba.

Is tummy tuck safe?

Given the constant advances in cosmetic surgery, it can be suggested tummy tuck is safe. Of course, like every other surgery, it comes with risk of infection and bleeding, to name a few. If you're considering tummy tuck surgery, select a specialist that has perfected their technique over the years. This way your prospects of developing complications will be low.

How are tummy tuck and lipo different?

First of all, a tummy tuck is restricted to the abdominal area, whereas liposuction can take place all over the body. Second, lipo removes only fat and doesn't make any corrections on the abdominal muscles or skin; there is no element of reconstruction, unlike with a tummy tuck. As a whole, abdominoplasty is more intensive and recovery takes longer.

Is a male tummy tuck worth it?

The treatment is absolutely worth it both for men and women as long as they have stubborn fat deposits concentrated around the belly region and are at a healthy weight. On that note, if weight goes up and down, this is going to be a problem.

How long does a tummy tuck last?

The operation might last 1-5 hours and the timeframe is dependent on the extent of the treatment. The more work there is to do, the longer it will take. Some patients stay overnight; others don't.

What makes you eligible for a tummy tuck?

People who can have this procedure are usually those with excess abdominal skin (and in many cases it is situated from the belly button down). They should be around their normal weight and not intend to get pregnant in the months that follow.

How painful is a tummy tuck?

If you are referring to the very process of fat removal, this plastic surgery is carried out under anaesthesia, so the patient is basically asleep. They feel no pain. But what about when the anaesthesia wears off? Once you are conscious, you will start to get pain and discomfort in the treatment area, which may continue to bother you for the next weeks. This is especially true if the abdominal muscles were cut out and reconstructed. Yet, the pain levels and duration are highly individual but most patients can keep them in check with medication.

What questions should I ask the doctor?

At your tummy tuck consultation, you should bring up the following questions to your board-certified plastic surgeon:

  • Am I eligible for this procedure?
  • What cosmetic concerns can be tackled with a tummy tuck?
  • How much fat will I part with?
  • Will the fat that was excised come back?
  • Will my abdominal muscles be affected?
  • Will there be visible scars?
  • What do tummy tucks entail in general?
  • Does insurance cover the treatment?
  • How much does this plastic surgery type cost?
  • What are the risks?
  • When will I see results?
  • How long will the outcome stick around?
  • Does the treatment involve pain?
  • How long is recovery?
  • Will I have to take paid time off?
  • Will I have to stay overnight for my tummy tuck surgery?
  • Do I need any prep for the procedure and what does preparation involve?
  • Can I still get pregnant, even if I have already had tummy tuck surgery?
  • How much experience in tummy tucks do you have?
  • Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon? Can I see your certificates?

Does insurance reimburse tummy tucks?

As a rule, tummy tuck surgery is not reimbursed by insurance plans because it is categorised as a cosmetic procedure. In occasions where excess skin is so bothersome that it creates the risk of rashes and infections, which is a medical concern, part of the procedure - specifically the disposal of loose skin - may be paid out by the insurance company.

How long will tightness linger on after a tummy tuck?

That tight feeling is a normal occurrence after any major surgery, and that goes for tummy tuck. It could persist for 6 to 12 weeks. In some instances, the wound would need more time to heal. Not to worry, you will restore your sensory function at some point.

How do I lessen swelling after my tummy tuck surgery?

Compliance with your doctor’s advice is crucial when it comes to alleviating swelling. You will likely be told to have a compression garment on and carry out mild physical activities to increase blood circulation. Some plastic surgeons would rather put drains in the treatment area, for it keeps swelling down and leaves less room for complications.

Is compression necessary after a tummy tuck?

Yes. A compression garment will apply pressure to the targeted site and keep bumps and lumps from forming after the procedure. As well as that, it aids in fluid redistribution which minimises swelling. You should wear it all day long and remove it prior to showering. A lot of people also inquire how long they ought to put on a compression garment and the answer is: six to eight weeks will do.

How long post-op do I have to raise my head during sleep?

Patients have to sleep elevated, i.e. with their upper body raised, for about two to three weeks post-op. Some people may have to do this for six weeks or more.

When can I sleep flat after tummy tuck surgery?

Normally, you would need to refrain from sleeping on your stomach for six weeks post-op. It takes time for the wound to heal. If you want to maximise the results, you should not let your sleeping position impede the healing process.

When can I return to work?

You will not be able to perform your job responsibilities for a good two weeks, give or take. Each case is different. Your doctor will tell you how much time exactly it is best that you take off work.

How many post-op appointments will I have?

It depends on the clinic you go to, but most surgeons will require that you have two or three follow-up appointments altogether (week 1, 2 and 6).

Is extended tummy tuck intended to last?

The outcome from the operation is long-lasting in that the eliminated fat deposits don't grow back. If any muscle is repaired, this will not change either. However, that doesn't mean that you can't put on weight. It is your responsibility to have a stable weight in the months that follow if you want to sustain the results.

Is the tummy tuck belt worthwhile?

There are over-the-counter abdominal sweatbands marketed as slimming devices but they are not worth the money. They are often labelled tummy tuck belts, hinting that they produce the same effect as abdominoplasty. All they do is make you sweat more when you work out. However, more sweat does not equal weight loss since it doesn’t burn calories. Besides, they don't cut excess skin out. Further to this, there is no scientific data to show that these things work as intended. The bottom line is, you want to take your money somewhere else.