Tummy Tuck Singapore - How Much Does It Cost?

Having extra fat and loose skin on your abdomen can seriously affect your overall appearance, regardless of how well the rest of your body looks. Unfortunately, exercising and eating a well-balanced diet may not have as much of an effect as you would like. It is especially true if the loose skin and protruding belly are caused by significant weight loss or childbirth. Often, after pregnancy, a women's beautiful hourglass shape transforms into a less attractive cylindrical shape. Loose abdominal skin is also commonly seen in men, particularly after massive weight loss.

Okay, but if diets and workouts do not work, then what can be done to solve this problem? In this article, we will explain plastic surgery that can get rid of loose skin in your belly and give you the flatter abdomen you’ve always wanted.

What is a tummy tuck?

It is a very popular cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that improves the abdominal area. It is medically known as abdominoplasty and consists of eliminating extra skin and fat located in this region as well as repairing splayed abdominal muscles. It is usually carried out under general anaesthesia, unless you are having a mini tuck.

Thanks to the tummy tuck procedure patients can achieve a better body shape and restore their core muscle strength. Furthermore, stretch marks found at the area of the skin that has been excised can also be removed. Women who have given birth are especially interested in this cosmetic surgery, as their bodies have changed considerably after pregnancy. Nevertheless, there has been an increasing trend of men undergoing tummy tuck surgery in recent years. Males are usually more susceptible to accumulating fat in the abdomen and even those who are working out regularly may found it difficult to flatten that area.

Tummy tuck surgeries can be performed in different ways. Plastic surgeons use a variety of techniques so that they are able to target specific regions of the abdomen – lower, upper or middle section. In addition, physicians often perform this aesthetic surgery in conjunction with liposuction. This allows them not just to eliminate saggy skin and reshape the core muscles but also to reduce fat deposits in the area. The following section describes the different types of tummy tuck surgery and what issues they address.

How much does a tummy tuck cost in Singapore?

Woman calculating the costs

The price of a tummy tuck in Singapore can range widely starting from $11000 and reaching $30000. This wide range comes from the fact that there are several types of surgery that differ in terms of complexity and requirements. In addition, every clinic and plastic surgeon in Singapore have different prices lists. Of course, more reputable and experienced doctors will charge more.

Extended tummy tucks and tummy tucks with liposuction tend to be the most expensive techniques, with prices ranging from $25000 - $30000. The cheaper type of this surgery is a mini tummy tuck which may cost approximately $8000 -$10000.

The cost of a male tummy tuck in Singapore can vary between $10000 and $15000.

Types of tummy tuck procedures

Full tummy tuck/ full abdominoplasty

This technique also refers to a conventional tummy tuck. The procedure targets the entire abdominal wall, so it requires a larger incision - from hipbone to hipbone. Conventional abdominoplasty is best suited for patients with a large amount of excess skin and fat in the stomach area.

Mini tummy tuck/ partial abdominoplasty

It addresses the lower belly region. As the name suggests mini tummy tuck is a less complex operation that requires a shorter incision right over the pubic hairline. It leaves a much smaller scar in comparison with a conventional abdominoplasty. Moreover, the recovery period is much easier and shorter. However, you have a lot of excess skin and fat surrounding your entire abdomen, then mini-abdominoplasty may not be the best approach for you.

Extended tummy tuck

This is also a more complex surgery that addresses the lower abdomen and love handles. A surgeon performs this procedure not only to remove excess skin and tighten muscles but also to relocate the navel. As with full abdominoplasty, extended tummy tuck surgeries are intended for patients who have a large amount of fat and sagging skin. The biggest disadvantage of this technique is that it can leave a quite long scar. In addition, the recovery time might be a bit longer.

Fleur-De-Lis Tummy Tuck

It targets the entire midsection. An incision is made horizontally between the hip bones as with a full tummy tuck. The difference here is that the incision involves vertical extensions upwards. Using this type of tummy tuck procedure, excess fat and skin can be removed horizontally and vertically. It is an ideal option for patients with sagging skin in the upper abdomen and across the hips and sides.

Reverse tummy tuck

Through reverse tummy tuck, some of the upper abdominal skin is removed by incisions made in the inframammary folds below the breasts. Using this procedure, both lower and upper abdominal skin will be tightened simultaneously.

This procedure is typically performed on patients who have experienced pregnancy very well and do not have extremely loose abdominal skin that requires a full abdominoplasty.

Tummy Tuck with Liposuction

The combination of both surgical procedures can further shape and eliminate excess fat from the abdomen. During the operation, the plastic surgeon not only tightens the skin and abdominal muscles but also removes fat cells from the area. Though lipo abdominoplasty is quite an extensive procedure, the good thing about it is that you receive the advantages of both procedures at the same time. Moreover, you will only have one recovery. You may be interested in our article on comparing both procedures - tummy tuck vs liposuction.

Is tummy tuck safe?

It might be said that tummy tuck is generally a safe operation. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the fact that it is still surgical intervention so you never know how your body is going to react to it. The procedure carries some risks and yes, some of them can be dangerous. Your surgeon is required to introduce you to all of the possible complications no matter how low is the chance of experiencing them. He/she will also give you detailed information on how to prepare for such a procedure and how to recover after that. It is mandatory to follow your surgeon recommendations to ensure your safety during and following the operation.

You also need to understand that there are some side effects that might be difficultly to avoid such as swelling, bruising and pain. They are usually part of every invasive surgery. However, they do not pose any risks for your health and will normally resume in few days after the procedure.

How to prepare for tummy tuck surgery?

A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure that requires good preparation. You may need several months in advance to get yourself ready for it. Here are our tips on how to prepare for this plastic surgery.

Consider your diet and exercise regimen

It is good to start following a healthy diet and proper exercise regimen 5-6 months before your tummy tuck. This is the perfect time to lose weight if you need to. Patients who are in a healthy weight range benefit most from this surgical procedure.

If you smoke, you should consider quitting this bad habit. Smoking increases the risk of wound infections and poor wound healing after surgery.

Research for plastic surgeons

Making the right choice of surgeon is important, so do your research before your surgery - at least 4-5 months in advance. In this way, you will have enough time to meet specialists and choose who will perform your surgery.

View before and after tummy tuck photos

Ask your surgeon to show you before and after pictures of patients, he/ she has previously worked on. This way you will have a better idea of what to expect from this surgery. Additionally, you should discuss your concerns and goals with your surgeon regarding your upcoming procedure.

Make your tummy tuck preparation list

During your pre-op consultation, you will be given instructions on what supplies you will need following the surgery. Make your preparation list and buy all supplies you need for your recovery such as pain medications, antibiotics, scar creams and so on.

Manage the stress

Besides preparing physically for this surgery, it is also important to prepare mentally. It's common for people to be nervous and fearful before undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. However, when you are in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon and follow his/ her instructions carefully, there is no need to worry. Before your surgery, ensure you get enough rest and sleep.

Post-operative tummy tuck recovery

You will need to give your body at least 6 weeks to recover from tummy tuck surgery. Be sure to follow the post-op instructions given to you by the doctor.

The first few days are usually the worst, but you can manage the pain and discomfort through medicine. Once you feel better you should try to walk and move around because this will actually promote your healing. Most patients start to feel more normal within 2 weeks and they are able to do most normal activities of daily living. However, you will still have to stay away from strenuous exercises and heavy lifting.

During the first days, there is going to be swelling and this can linger for 2 weeks or longer.

How to reduce swelling after a tummy tuck?

Here are some tips that may help you relieve swelling and speed up your healing.

  • Take your anti-inflammatory medications. They should be prescribed by your plastic surgeon.
  • Wear abdominal binder/ compression garment for 6 weeks. It can help you with swelling and discomfort after your surgical procedure.
  • Use ice packs. Do not apply cubes directly to the skin, instead wrap them with a towel.
  • Avoid staying stationary for all-day. This will help you lessen the swelling. Additionally, moving around after surgery is extremely important because this helps prevent blood clots.
  • Eat more healthy food like vegetables and fruits and stay away from processed foods. Junk foods and snacks can make your swelling worst. So it is best to replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables.

fresh vegetables

Keep in mind that everyone is different and what works for someone may not work for you. There are patients who recover much faster than others and this mostly depends on your body’s ability to heal.

Are there non-invasive alternatives to a tummy tuck?

Plastic surgery clinics in Singapore offer a few non-invasive body contouring procedures that can help you improve the abdominal area. Coolsculpting and Sculpture are some of the more popular methods.

Coolsculpting is a technique for reducing fat cells in specific areas. The process involves the use of cooling technology to kill fat cells. Furthermore, the procedure may be useful for treating loose skin.

Another non-surgical method used to reduce abdominal fat and love handles is Sculpsure. Instead of using cooling to destroy fat cells, Sculpsure uses heat to tighten the skin and destroy fat.

Coolsculpting and Sculpsure are quick and safe non-invasive procedures. Neither one requires recovery time nor downtime. Those aesthetic treatments, however, may be effective only if you have a small amount of abdominal fat. Additionally, such cosmetic procedures usually need to be repeated several times in order to yield desired results.

Can a tummy tuck reverse diabetes?

The procedure cannot reverse diabetes, and diabetic patients perhaps wouldn't benefit from a tummy tuck unless their condition is under control and causing no complications. You should keep in mind that tummy tuck is not meant to reduce your weight or treat obesity. Moreover, it is not intended to treat conditions such as high cholesterol levels, diabetes or high blood pressure. It is important to be aware of this fact because patients often inquire whether tummy tucks reverses diabetes or not.

You also need to keep in mind that maintaining your results is crucial if you want to achieve long-lasting results. A diet consisting of mostly unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle can quickly undo the outcomes of your tummy tuck procedure.

Make sure you have a detailed consultation with a physician and understand all of the risks, advantages, and disadvantages of this procedure before undergoing it.