What to expect

Often a time, you realise that your face loses its plump, voluminous look and feel. At this day and age of science, we can use fillers for face to slow down or pause the time from moving forward, dragging your face with it.

Below are some queries to consider before going through with facial filler procedures.

Why do facial fillers?

Facial fillers helps rejuvenate sagging face, restructure nose bridges with nose fillers and achieve sexy plumped up lips from thinning lips. Also, facial fillers are way more cost and time savvy as compared to going through surgery.

What are the possible dangers of facial fillers?

Facial fillers are generally very safe and efficient in tackling facial sagginess and slowing down the aging process. Otherwise, it is also recommended that you research and pick the proper, well-practiced cosmetic doctor before proceeding with any procedures.

Is liquid facelift or facial fillers a repeated process and requires topping-up often?

It is untrue that you have to keep topping-up fillers every now and then. Sure, it will deplete over time due to the body naturally breaking down the fluids of fillers, but you have a choice to top it up or not. Aside to that, your face will not look worst after the depletion of the fillers because the fillers does not change the original shape or structure of the face. It simply enhances and rejuvenates the fresh look of the skin while having it in but does not make it sag further after it depletes.

Will the face be forever mouldable after facial fillers are injected?

Facial fillers will be mouldable at least four hours after injecting. Within this four hours, it is advisable to avoid any vigorous or firm pressure on the areas filled up. Gentle washing of the face is possible. It will set itself in place within two days and within these two days, it is best to keep your face away from prolonged pressure.

Overall, expect nothing more than satisfaction and content from the new, livelier, more rejuvenated face from the fillers.